He started the Humble Store Winter Fair with free games.

If you feel like you haven’t gotten the right adventure for Christmas, you can now look around to see if you like it and at the same time bag the game Bomber Crew.

While most major publishers and developers held a gigantic discount before Christmas to allow people to shop for themselves for the winter break, we won’t be left without special offers in January either. Now, the Humble Store has cut spectacularly the price of games from publishers like Sega, Square Enix or Rockstar Games.

In addition, in parallel, it will temporarily offer the Steam code for Bomber Crew to anyone interested for free if you subscribe to the newsletter. You can do this for a week on a Sunday night, so if you find it interesting to pitch a bomber and the crew of a plane, hit it off.

He started the Humble Store Winter Fair with free games

It always feels good when relatively fresh games get their first serious discount, so even those who may not be able to afford every new look may have the opportunity to look at them. Let’s face it, a video game is a very costly pastime, so it’s good for everyone to see action tags on adventures sometimes.

For example, those who have been deterred from buying Yakuza: Like a Dragon by the price can now rejoice, as after a 25 percent discount, it is now available for € 45, but several pieces of the Yakuza series have been discounted by Sega. For Persona 4 Golden, those who like JRPGs now only have to pay € 16.

He started the Humble Store Winter Fair with free games

Square Enix wasn’t shy either, packing a lot of big games with 50 or even 75 percent stickers. As a result, you can now bring in the NieR: Automatic Game of the Yorha edition for € 20, the Final Fantasy XV for € 18, and the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Game of The Year edition for € 15. The previous parts of the last two series can also be pulled in at a significant discount.

Rockstar Games has packed some action on almost every major game, so you can now pocket Red Dead Redemption II for € 40 and pay € 26 for GTA V, but that also gives you a lot of goodness for GTA Online. You can also pull in titles like a few euros like LA Noire, Bully, Manhunt or Max Payne.

He started the Humble Store Winter Fair with free games

In addition to the games from the three big publishers, there are others who have joined the winter fair, such as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Game of The Year for € 39, Borderland 3 Super Delux for € 45, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. You can get it for 15 euros.

If you want to have a treat among the offers, all you have to do is visit The Humble Store Winter Sale, where you have a good chance of finding an adventure to your liking.

He started the Humble Store Winter Fair with free games