Bioengineered and nanotechnology gaming headsets – Bloody M660 and M630

October 24, 2017 – Bloody introduces two new models of backlit gaming headphones with a hybrid diaphragm – M660 and M630. For their production, nanofibers obtained from mycelium grown for this purpose and carbon fibers were used. Thanks to the combination of the achievements of bioengineering and nanotechnology, it was possible to create an unusually thin and at the same time extremely durable membrane. It is air-permeable and produces clear sound over the full frequency range.

Hybrid power

The most important elements of the Bloody M660 and M630 are hybrid diaphragms, combining two materials with different specifications into one advanced part. The center of the unique solution was made in the innovative MOCI technology, which uses knowledge in the field of bioengineering and nanotechnology. The result of this combination is an extremely thin material with great strength, which generates crystal clear highs and mids. Thanks to the use of High Flex Edge technology, the outer part of the diaphragm is characterized by high flexibility and deep, powerful bass. The sound produced by the M660 and M630 headphones is consistent and clear throughout the frequency range – from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

Modern design

The new Bloody headphones have been designed for gamers who are looking for unconventional designs. The scaffolding for the entire structure is a solid but extremely light headband with an adjustable, soft insert. Complemented by the XXL soft foam ear cushions, which allow the ears to breathe, while perfectly damping the sounds from the environment. The appearance of the M660 refers to steampunk motifs, while the M630 is decorated with graphics referring to the line of sports motorcycles. Thanks to the use of 3.5mm jack and USB connectors, Bloody devices are compatible with all gaming platforms.

Omni-directional microphone

The M660 and M630 models feature a flexible boom-mounted omni-directional microphone with -45dB sensitivity and a frequency response of 75Hz to 16,000Hz. It collects sounds from the entire environment, eliminating unnecessary noise and forwards only messages spoken by the player. It is less susceptible to noise caused by air movements, such as rapid breathing during exciting skirmishes.

Headphones Bloody M660 and M630 can be purchased in popular electronics stores at a price of PLN 189.

About Bloody:

Bloody is a brand created as a result of many years of A4Tech’s experience in the computer peripherals market. Bloody’s goal is to create reliable gaming equipment for both amateurs and professionals. The manufacturer’s portfolio includes keyboards, mice, headphones and pads. The brand also provides its customers with innovative software that allows users of Bloody equipment to fully personalize their devices.