Hearthstone players take flight with Descent of Dragons.

By pre-ordering Descent of Dragons Booster Packs, you can unlock a golden Legendary card, the Warrior Hero Deathwing, and additional features † in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, a new eight-player game mode

Descent of Dragons, a stratospheric 135-card expansion for their hit free-to-play digital card game, Hearthstone. The epic conclusion to Hearthstone’s first year-long storyline will hatch on December 10; In it, players will arm themselves with draconic fire and even have the possibility of transforming into Galakrond, the most powerful dragon in the history of Warcraft.
The Year of the Dragon began with Rise of Shadows, the calling card of the League of EVIL, an obscure organization led by the infamous arch-villain Rafaam. In Saviors of Uldum, the villains threatened to unleash an apocalyptic plague, but players teamed up with the League of Explorers to save the world. Now, in Descent of Dragons, the forces of good and evil face off once and for all with the help of dragons … so many dragons.

The League of EVIL plans to unleash the ruin of Azeroth by resurrecting Galakrond, father of all dragons; Hearthstone can be played in different ways as a set of five new hero cards. Available in all five classes of EVIL (Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior), Galakrond assumes the appropriate form for each class, with a unique Battlecry and Hero Power.

Hearthstone players take flight with Descent of Dragons

Cultist spells and minions with the new Summon keyword will trigger the effect of Galakrond’s Hero Power. By using it repeatedly, we will upgrade Galakrond to one of its two forms with increasing strength. The most powerful is Galakrond the End of Azeroth, who comes into play with a Battlecry four times as powerful and a formidable claw attack. Hearthstone players who log in when Descent of Dragons takes off * will receive all five Galakrond Hero Cards for free.

Intrepid Druids, Hunters, Mages and Paladins can either fear the might of Galakrond or bravely prepare to face their fate by completing new side quests, which offer a variety of accessible start-up objectives with corresponding rewards.
“We love constantly exploring new ideas with Hearthstone, from telling an epic story over the course of a year to introducing fun new ways to play,” said J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment. The Descent of Dragons is a true reflection of that search; We think players will have a great time with the new cards, as well as the new mechanics that we have implemented in this expansion. “

Hearthstone players take flight with Descent of Dragons

Until launch, players can pre-purchase two Descent of Dragons card booster packs: one with 60 booster packs that includes a golden Legendary Descent of Dragons card and the “Havoc” card back; and the massive 100 booster mega-pack, which includes the above gifts and the new playable warrior hero Deathwing. These packs are on sale for € 49.99 and € 79.99, respectively (and you can only buy one per account).

Prepare for the battlefields

At BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard announced Hearthstone Battlegrounds, an entirely new way to play. Hearthstone Battlegrounds is a tumultuous battle for eight players and 24 unique heroes in which players recruit minions, strategically position them, and watch as they fight for victory.

Hearthstone players take flight with Descent of Dragons

This is a free-to-play mode and is designed as a separate experience that uses Hearthstone as a base, but does not require building or maintaining a card collection. Hearthstone Battlegrounds will be available to everyone when the beta begins on Tuesday, November 12. Early Access will be available November 5-11 for those who attend BlizzCon, purchase the Virtual Ticket, or purchase any Descent of Dragons pack.

Beginning with Descent of Dragons, Hearthstone Battlegrounds are free for everyone. Players will be able to unlock optional features by purchasing card packs from the latest expansion set (starting with Descent of Dragons) †, either for free, for gold or for real money. With the purchase of 10 packs, they will gain the ability to provoke or communicate with their opponents using colorful emoji; with 20 they can choose between three different bosses instead of two at the beginning of each game; And, if the number of packs reaches 30, packs will unlock the ability to communicate with your rivals using a visual gesture system.

Hearthstone players take flight with Descent of Dragons