In a world where practically all of us are connected to our cell phones, whether it is checking our social networks, looking for information or working, everything revolves around being in communication. That is why we do not find it strange that the famous emojis created a trend in language and in the way we communicate. If you do not believe me! I tell you that there are pages dedicated to studying the meaning of each emoji. What if it’s okay! or bad, each one will judge it. This time we will talk about the arrival of new emojis for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and other devices that have already been officially configured.

New characters in Emoji Version 13.0 include “Italian Hand”, ninjas, the transgender flag, anatomical parts of the human body, smiley face with tears, costumed face, new animals, food, parents feeding the baby among others. As reported by Emojipedia, the officially approved list of Emoji Version 13.0 was released today by the Unicode Consortium and features 117 new emoji coming to devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac later this year.

Apple typically adds new emoji with the next major updates to the iOS operating system in the fall. The new emoji include everything from more gender-inclusive options (including Santa Claus), new animals like a black cat, polar bear, and seal, more food and drink emojis like bubble tea, fondue, and tamales, anatomical body parts, parents feeding the baby, costumed faces, smiley face with tears, the Transgender flag and symbol, new tools, a boomerang, insects and even ninjas.

New emojis with more gender options

Some of the new emoji are variations of existing ones that increase gender options:

Existing emoji variations now approved for 2020 include a female or gender-inclusive person in a tuxedo, as well as a gender-neutral person or veiled man. These, along with other approved emojis, are coming to phones later this year.

Also included in this update is a gender inclusive alternative for 🎅Santa Claus and 🤶Mrs. Claus, called Mx. Claus. This addition is part of an ongoing effort to make a more consistent set of gender options across the board, and it expands on the 138 new gender-neutral emojis added in late 2019 as part of Emoji 12.1.

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