Yesterday Apple released the third beta of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, along with the betas for tvOS, watchOS, and macOS. This new version, unlike the second, brings us some interesting changes in the interface and operation.

Some design changes and interface polish

  • New icon for the Music application and its widget: The Music app is updated with a reddish icon. In addition, the corresponding widget also adopts this color.


  • New icons for the music library: New icons have been redesigned and added to the Music app library.

Music icons

  • Widget d’watch: The clock widget first appears in this beta. It can be used for a single city, for multiples in small mode and for multiples in medium mode.
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  • Edit widgets: The widget sidebar gains a small “Edit” button at the bottom for quick access to add or rearrange our widgets.

Edit widget 2

  • Old widgets: When we enter the edit mode of widgets, at the bottom a button gives us access to widgets that have not yet been updated to iOS 14 format. We can only add them in the sidebar.

Old widgets

  • Welcome messages: When we go to the widgets area, application library or change the home screen, the system greets us with a little message.


  • Improvements to the Time of use widget: This version now shows the detail of the six applications that we used the most during the day.
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Duration of use

  • Screen zoom for 5.8 inch iPhone: Now, the screen zoom function works on small iPhones, like iPhone X. With this function, we can enlarge the size of our icons and texts by slightly reducing the spacing between them. As discussed in 9to5mac, this move seems to confirm that Apple is preparing for the arrival of the 5.4-inch iPhone that we have heard so much about.


  • Screenshot: When we delete a screenshot in this beta, the step confirmation now appears at the bottom and in a slightly different way.


  • New mask in Memoji: A new mask design has been added.


  • Storage room: Fixed storage error causing Other and System they will take up almost all the space on the device.
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  • 3D button: 3D Touch has been temporarily disabled on compatible devices. A long press, which gives access to the same functions, continues to operate.

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  • Snapchat Stories: Now when we share an Apple Music song, we have the option to share it on a Snapchat story right from the share menu.

  • Hand washing: Now with watchOS 7 in the latest beta, iOS can send us a notification if we haven’t washed our hands after a few minutes of arriving home.