Codemasters shared a video in which you can see DiRT 5 captured on PlayStation 5.

The first major driving game for next generation consoles will be available on November 19th for the Sony console and you will have options to play at 120fps, enjoy faster loadings and feel better feedback thanks to DualSense.

Who says it is David Springate, Technical Director in the DiRT 5 team, which shows DiRT 5 gameplay captured on PS5 and speaks of the highest level of immersion achieved with the highest graphic quality.

In addition, Springate talks about how the DualSense haptic feedback will allow you to feel the different types of terrain and how the dynamic triggers allow you to control the car with a higher level of accuracy.

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DiRT 5 is now available in stores for the current generation and will have a free upgrade to the next generation consoles.

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