Here’s everything that happened on The Night of The Game Awards 2019.

The Xbox Series X console, PlayStation 5 games and many more flashed at The Game Awards 2019. We’ve put everything in one gigantic article for you!

Let’s face it, none of us wanted to sacrifice half the night for the sizeable three-hour The Game Awards 2019 for the sake of Geoff Keighley, an event organizer who became a journalist. Just as there may have been only moderate interest in the way they praise each other with their invited guests, as well as the recognition of the best games of the year in many categories. Even the wind of suspected fur fluttered the event, suggesting that Kojima’s work had garnered so many nominations because of its host’s tiny role in Death Stranding. How good is Hollywood splendor and glamor to the gaming industry?

Here’s everything that happened on The Night of The Game Awards 2019

If the tl; dr curse strikes you, watch the show at the same time, if you are interested in announcements, trailers, awards in the framework of personal commentary, I will continue to say below:

The best game of 2019

In any case, the paper form was overturned, and to his surprise Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice took home the trophy for his best game of 2019 in addition to another (best action-adventure game), Death Stranding ended up with only three awards (best directing, music and acting), while one of the sensations of the gala was provided by the Disco Elysium, launched as a dark horse, with the ability to break into the lead in four categories (best narrative, independent play, role-playing, debut indie game). We didn’t think Sekiro would go that far, but we loved it, it deserves applause!

Here’s everything that happened on The Night of The Game Awards 2019

The strange name for the new Xbox

No matter how much I would have dared to bet that the most clickable material on the E3 2020 would be the newly debuted Project Scarlett, but the spectacularly declining event of prestige has already been stripped of it since the final of the Xbox Series X console was unveiled to the TGA 2019 audience. name and design. We have a year to make friends with both of us, as well as to design the location of the box that replaces the concept of the laid rectangle into a set of columns in the living room. For now, neither the price nor the release date is known, as it remains to be clarified whether Microsoft is preparing for a global launch or re-launching the console in several waves, forcing players from less fortunate regions to wait a year or import. On the other hand, it is an encouraging sign that in-house game development has picked up spectacularly, with 15 studios already working to delight console shoppers and Xbox Game Pass subscribers with roughly one to four games every three to four months. By the way, here is all the important info in an article about the Xbox Series X, drink it!

And then came the Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

It is very likely that the brawler-like Bleeding Edge will only be remembered in a footnote by future chroniclers when they take stock of the work of Ninja Theory. In contrast, the sequel to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is already a work that doesn’t seem at all a character stranger, contrary to the design philosophy of the studio in question. The first trailer excels at creating the mood rather than detailing the future gameplay, but considering that from the first to the last frame it was made with the game engine, we can guess what visual quality the first exclusive of the Xbox Series X will represent. . It is exclusive because it has not been announced for PC, and the first because the Halo Infinite that comes with the SX console will be available for both PC and the Xbox One console family.

Here’s everything that happened on The Night of The Game Awards 2019

The catchy Ori and the Will of the Wisps

It’s slipping again, but it’s still an infinitely charming sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest. The basics of the gameplay will not change, as Moon Studios will stick to its metroidvania character until the nail is torn, but the title character’s toolbox and options will expand. At the same time, the visuals of the game took another step toward the thin boundary line separating the artist from the kitsch, but he still hadn’t broken the barrier, waving his passport wildly. As of now, Ori and the Will of the Wisps will arrive on PC and Xbox One on March 11, 2020.

Gears Tactics is coming

The Gears series spinoff was hidden from the public for a long time, although there was no reason for it, as we’ll get a pretty flashy XCOM clone next spring. We are facing a new guard, largely with already familiar opponents, but this time, in line with the traditions of the genre, we will only be in the immediate vicinity of the action once we have already issued the fire order and the camera has changed perspective. We’re curious about the details, because it would be nice if, even before the PC release on April 28 (presumably coming to the Xbox One console later), it turns out that we’ll be fighting in circles with locusts in a linear campaign, or in this XCOM follow their example.

Here’s everything that happened on The Night of The Game Awards 2019

It’s still there, say more?

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