The Apple Watch has only been on the market for 5 years a few days ago and it is without a doubt one of the most interesting Apple devices of recent years. Apple Watch is a device that goes beyond technology and increasingly focused on health, he has been directly responsible for saving many lives in recent months.

Although it has been with us for 5 years, the Apple Watch started to be designed much earlier, in fact Apple introduced it several months in advance. Now one of the original designers who worked on the project shared a number of secret details so far it’s worth considering.

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The secrets of the Apple Watch

Every device has a design process that almost always starts on paper, with a little sketch. And this is precisely how this series of secrets revealed by Imran Chaudhri, designer who worked on the original Apple Watch project with over 20 years of experience at Apple.

« Here is a reproduction of my original sketch for the home screen. The shape of the circular icon was powered by the clock that lived at the center of what I originally called the wharf. The crown has given the home screen dimensionality, allowing you to cycle through the layers of the user interface«

« My first prototype was built on a 6th generation iPod nano attached to this strap. I had just finished iOS 5 and deleted it to show the Identification Team why Notification Center and Siri were, and what might be in the future. I never had to share it with Steve. We lost it right after iOS 5«

« I have always loved the hassle free straps, the Loop strap mechanism was an evolution of the Velcro Speedmaster straps worn by Apollo astronauts«

« The butterflies on the mobile watch face were recorded and animated by @zuckermanstudio. None were injured, they were no longer alive. Andrew brought them back to life. The blue butterfly lives with us now«

« I created the sundial so that Muslims in Ramadan can quickly see the position of the sun and everyone understands the relationship of the sun to time«

As we see, there are still a lot of secrets hidden in the development process of Apple devices, in the fourth measure the prototypes bring us these secrets, but they are still very limited, so These little brushstrokes from Apple workers are wonderful.

Source: Techradar