In office chairs, if there is a legendary manufacturer, it is of course Herman Miller. His pre-designed Aeron chair has earned respect for decades. Now the manufacturer is looking to penetrate another market, that of the game. his first chair the game in collaboration with Logitech It is now available.

Embody gaming chair This is the name of this new chair and its name already gives clues to its design and construction. Because? Because it is based on the design of another Herman Miller model already available for some time, the Embody chair. By adding the name Gaming, this new model offers, according to HM, additional features and specially designed for players with the help of Logitech.

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A hybrid between office chair and gaming chair

Generally speaking, the chair from its front view looks like an ordinary office chair, with an elegant design thanks to the use of black as the main color. But at the back we immediately notice the first detail that gives the air the game, an almost brilliant cyan blue on the entire back of the folder. Some buttons for the chair settings also have this color, which is the secondary color and practically the only one apart from black.

The manufacturer highlights the backrest support capable of adapting to the spine thanks to different positions and joints to make a turn similar to that of the spine. The seat itself next to the backrest has a system that distributes the body pressure after long periods of sitting. They indicate that the foam used also helps improve ventilation to prevent heat build-up.

Embody gaming chair

One of the most remarkable things is the amount of adjustments that the chair allows to adapt it to the body of each user. We can modify the height and width of the armrests, the depth of the seat or its height and the back of the chair, among others.

Embody gaming chair

For 1276 euros on the official website, the Embody gaming chair can now be purchased. The manufacturer promises a 12-year warranty. More Herman Miller He also put up for sale two other products for the game. The first of these is the Nevi video game table for 1097 euros, the second is the Ollin articulated monitor arm for 189 euros.

The more than 1,200 euros for this Herman Miller chair should not surprise us. Heraman Miller typically has higher-than-average prices over competing products, although in return he has also demonstrated for decades the reasons for offering those prices. Your chairs in particular bet on ergonomics and durability. Now, it remains to be seen if the Twitch generation is willing to pay for it, and if not, we’ll still have the Japan-designed play space.

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Source : Engadget