Heroic Finds: Happy Fifteenth, Mafia!.

At the end of the game, most of us just sat in front of the slightly yellowed CRT monitor and looked puzzled at how to proceed now, as in the last few days we had become Tommy Angelo ourselves, who had become a cool mobster in Lost Heaven.

First of all, it is worth clarifying that this writing is not really in the right place, as the Mafia is far from a find, but rather one of the cornerstones of the history of video games, which we who played 15 years ago still love with religious reverence. Although, these are big words, but I don’t even accidentally lie, since whoever saw the staff list rolled through in 2002, ergo accompanied the taxi gangster in his sloppy career, rightly felt that the world had changed a little and never again. will be as it was before.

Heroic Finds: Happy Fifteenth, Mafia!

It could be any of us

Although the Mafia appeared later than GTA III, which was roughly the same age as it, its development actually started earlier, but it didn’t bother many at all to get the GTA clone token on, which is at least as much bullshit as comparing Star Tracks to Star Wars. simply because they have spaceships in both, even though they play football in a whole other league. But that’s not the point, it was only worth clarifying at the very beginning, as the two games were entertaining along completely different values ​​and game elements, not badly.

One of the greatest virtues of the Mafia is that it built the story around a man who could really be any of us, as the protagonist, Tommy Angelo, is a simple child of the people. He has a taxi, drives around the street day and night and waits for a ride, while listening to Duke Ellington and The Mills Brothers and smoking cigarettes one after the other, as is the custom of the age. He is not a murderer in an armed conflict, he does not kill with a single gesture, and he does not turn his guts with a damn big nod, just as he has not even taken a stucco in his life, in a word, he is a plain citizen by default and not a criminal.

Heroic Finds: Happy Fifteenth, Mafia!

This is already a huge advantage in the game, as it allows us to easily identify with the character, as most players – sitting in front of a monitor – are also similar to the average person, even if they don’t like to admit it to themselves. Plus, the developers put a shovel on the sense of mundaneness by saying that the first missions to get to know the map are all about transporting the locals from point A to point B. Neat!

The criminal spiral

Following Tommy’s adventures, even at the last minute, we don’t feel like a man pulling a trigger without thinking to the end has deteriorated, but thanks to the superbly constructed scenario, we believe all along that he’s just a victim of circumstances and didn’t really have a choice to immerse himself in the underworld. while pulling on the herringbone suit and sending dozens of people to the otherworld or remaining a simple taxi driver who is grateful for every single inch of tip. Although storytelling is completely linear, there are moral decision-making situations in it, it is true that in these we are passive observers of Tommy’s dilemmas and resolutions, but we never feel that we ourselves would have thought differently in a given situation.

Heroic Finds: Happy Fifteenth, Mafia!

Because the story is incredibly grandiose, and even risk taking on perhaps one of the best-written scenarios in between games, we’re not bored for a moment and just drift forward from one mission to another, while always feeling that it’s more difficult than ever before. volt. I deliberately don’t mention car racing, where you can do the job in a matter of seconds with a simple scam because I never used it myself, but for example, surely everyone has an ominous church shooter where we flee in the attic, or just an airport shooter where getting into the waiting room isn’t easy. task, let alone approach the runway.

And as we go through all of this, Tommy, as well as Paulie and Sam, who have become his best friend in the meantime, dive deeper and deeper into the underworld, not the least of which is characterized by gentleman style, much more deception, betrayal, retaliation, blood, and death. In the last few chapters, we ourselves (I mean as a player) are already tense and anxious about the damn big trouble and how we’re going to climb out of this whole córes. However, there is a lot to say in the game, and we hear them mostly from Tommy, who repeatedly states that whoever does not want anything from life will surely die as a beast, while he who takes advantage of the opportunities can get anything. True, it fishes soon, so balance is damn important.

Heroic Finds: Happy Fifteenth, Mafia!

Laugh, pull the trigger!

But despite the plethora of deaths, the Mafia alone isn’t an overcast game, not even halfway through the game: Tommy and his friends will have a hard time getting away with it all. Thanks to the characters developed to the extremes and featured in the right proportions, as well as the little humor that the developers have integrated into the game, we can migrate from chapter to chapter in a relatively good mood, albeit not with a grin. True, as the plot gets complicated, everything that happens will become less and less fun, but maybe that’s why we’ve just started joking on the streets in GTA, it’s almost unthinkable in the Czech game that we did something like that. would be. It just doesn’t make sense.

Simply the best

I wonder why millions of players are still shaken by the cold when they hear the theme song and secretly hope that one day maybe an HD remake will come that will bring the graphics closer to the present, but will keep everything that was fatal 15 years ago. did you sniff them while sitting in front of the monitor? The answer is actually very simple, but it is amazingly difficult to implement. It is very important that the geniuses of Illusion Softworks had time to work on the game and were not forced to launch it short, prematurely, as happened with the second part. The graphics implementation was wonderfully solved, and although we are now just smiling at the sight of the Celeron 900, which was still a powerful gamer at the time, there and then, in 2002, we were simply unable to break away from it.

Not to mention that the story was placed in an age that the developers weren’t very intoxicated about before, plus the mafia theme itself wasn’t worn out. The implementation of Lost Heaven, each site down to the last gravel and newspaper paper drifting down the street, is superbly designed, extremely authentic. In addition, driving and chasing are very striking, despite the fact that most four-wheelers can barely reach speeds of 100 km / h, which is far from being a bloody race.

Heroic Finds: Happy Fifteenth, Mafia!

What can be said as a closing word? That these damn Czechs put together something amazing in their workshop, and from the CEO to the cleaning lady, but perhaps even to the pizza courier, was probably the work of epoch-making geniuses who believed they could make one of the world’s best, if not the best game. And that they succeeded is nothing better than the fact that only The Godfather tried to ride the Mafia’s success, with dubious results (and we prefer to leave our own sequels now).

Summa summarum, happy 15th birthday, Mafia! We hope that at least once in this life we ​​will meet you in a renewed form, which could mean a revamped version, or even a worthy sequel, the point is to engrave it as much as you did in 2002.

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Heroic Finds: Happy Fifteenth, Mafia!