Warner Bros. Games annonce Hogwarts Legacy, a single-player action RPG set in the magical world of the 1800s. Players will experience an unprecedented adventure like never before as students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Witchcraft, and embark on a perilous journey to discovery of a hidden truth of the wizarding world. New details and different images in the official version.

Developed by Avalanche and published by Warner Bros. Games for the Portkey Games label, Hogwarts Legacy will be released in 2021 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC consoles.

Hogwarts Legacy is infused with immersive magic that puts players at the center of the adventure to transform them into the witches or wizards they have chosen to be. By learning to master powerful spells, perfecting combat techniques and choosing companions to face deadly enemies, players will develop their character’s abilities; They will also encounter missions and environments that will make them difficult choices and have to decide which faction to line up for.

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“Hogwarts Legacy gives the player the ability to control every experience with a new style of RPG play in the Wizarding World, which will help increase the appeal of the Portkey Games label in the eyes of fans.”, says David Haddad, president of Warner Bros. Games. “Avalanche has brought this deep, rich world to life, steeped in magic and action, and a detailed, mysterious story that will delight fans and gamers.”

“It is a great honor to be able to work with such a popular franchise and the team delivered an authentic experience of the Wizarding World that will make Harry Potter and RPG fans happy,” said John Blackburn, Managing Director of Avalanche Studio. . “Hogwarts Legacy is unique in that it allows the player to immerse themselves in a new narrative full of multi-faceted characters and, of course, magic.

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As the story unfolds, players will increasingly improve their magical abilities by mastering spells, crafting potions, and taming fantastic creatures. Along the way, they will discover a vast world littered with dangerous threats from the long-forgotten Wizarding World’s past and an unusual ability they possess. The open world journey will take players beyond the confines of Hogwarts to new and familiar magical places, including the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade Village.

Source : Reddit