Although the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn has some technical issues, it is mostly the final version of a great game.

in the Horizon Zero Dawn Review of the pc version by Michiel, you can read if the machines just rip him, or also his pc.

The dark times for PC gamers are now definitely behind us. After Microsoft previously announced that all proprietary games will now also be available on PC, Sony has also fully embraced the platform. The quality of all these ports is particularly striking. After last month’s Death Stranding PC port was hailed as the ultimate version of this game, Horizon Zero Dawn is now also in the list of PC classics you must have played.

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Not that the port excels in terms of graphics options, on the contrary. They are limited to what is strictly necessary, but due to the performance of the Decima engine, you don’t need more than that. Even a now retired graphics card like the Geforce GTX 970 manages to outperform the standard PlayStation 4. In particular, the use of dynamic foliage, which makes each blade of grass realistically float in the wind and react to Aloy’s every move, brings the world to life more than ever. However, if you want more than that, you need newer hardware. In that case, the game rewards you with support for UltraWide displays, 4K resolutions, and unlimited frame rate. If you want to get the most out of graphics, Horizon is ready to give you a go.

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Playing with the mouse and keyboard is also a complete alternative to your PlayStation 4 controller. While walking around the world of Horizon Zero Dawn is much more natural with an analog stick, using the mouse and keyboard is a real challenge. absolute relief, especially in the sometimes chaotic battles. With the added precision of your mouse, you can easily send these machines to the mechakerkhof, and the ability to link all of your weapons and abilities to separate keyboard shortcuts lets you quickly execute strategies that seemed impossible on the PlayStation 4.

However, that doesn’t mean the PC port is perfect. Some of the issues with the PlayStation 4 version come up here as well. For example, the game still struggles with inexplicable frame drops at times. The biggest thorn in the eye, however, is the long load times. I can still blame the 45 minute initial load screen that the game treated me to for a bug. You also regularly wait over a minute while playing to dive into Horizon again with Aloy.

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Horizon Zero Dawn PC Version Review – Even with the mouse and keyboard, combat is still a challenge.

These little drawbacks, however, pale with the sheer amount of quality content the game gives you. After the initial benchmarking, you are quickly gone for dozens of hours of top-notch entertainment. The occasional frame drop and long load times taste bitter, but ultimately are just a footnote on an otherwise excellent port. Horizon Zero Dawn was an instant classic when PlayStation 4 released in 2017, and it’s no different three years later.

For the Horizon Zero Dawn review, Michiel played on a PC with a Geforce GTX 970, Intel Core i5 4590 and 8 GB of RAM. For more on the original game, here’s our Horizon Zero Dawn review for PlayStation 4.

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