[HOT] : A solar flare so powerful it caused a blackout over the Atlantic Ocean

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) team of scientists, who are constantly observing the sun, reported that before July 4, the sun erupted with a surprise solar flare in an early explosion of fireworks. cosmic fireworks on July 3. It was the largest solar flare since 2017. The solar flare erupted from a sunspot known as AR2838 at 10:29 am. am EDT (1429 GMT) July 03.

According to the US Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), which continuously tracks the sun’s weather, a powerful X1 class solar event was recorded from the sunspot, AR2838, which developed overnight. . Center officials mentioned that the eruption caused a brief radio failure on Earth.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shared a video of the solar flare, which shows the flare emerging from the star’s upper right limb. The video was captured by the ministry using a spacecraft, which is one of the many types of equipment used to monitor the sun’s weather.

Among the various solar flares, Class X solar flares are the most powerful. They are essentially powerful bursts of radiation. While the most powerful are aimed directly at Earth, they have the ability to endanger astronauts and satellites in space. Along with this, they can also interfere with Earth’s power grids. But the harmful radiation from the eruption cannot enter Earth’s atmosphere and therefore will have no effect on the ground. However, if solar flares are intense, they can disrupt certain layers of the atmosphere. These layers are those in which GPS and communications circulate. M-class moderate solar flares have the ability to supercharge Earth’s auroras with dazzling displays.

Scientists believe that the AR2838 sunspot that triggered the solar flare on July 3 is the new active region of the sun. SWPC officials, in an update, also revealed that the sunspot region was responsible for emitting an M2 flare, which is a minor radio failure.