[HOT] : Amazing recreation of Ratchet & Clank in Dreams that looks like something from Insomniac

Dreams, the popular game of Average molecule (creators of LittleBigPlanet), which is committed to providing its players with advanced video game creation tools to harness their creativity, continues to surprise more and more people. So much so that a user known as BadRobo82 managed to create a level based on the franchise Ratchet & Clank that he could well go through a demo of Insomniac Games itself; and all this with the possibilities offered by Dreams.

A fully functional level to explore

So, said user, taking advantage of the fact that he was not very well after receiving the vaccine COVID-19 and staying home for a week (in his own words), he invested his free time to create an absolutely amazing level based on the popular Insomniac Games saga. So, and after taking advantage of a ratchet modeling With his animations nicely recreated by another user named cdell96, he has recreated a typical level of the saga that is fully functional and in which Ratchet can be controlled with ease.

So much so that the level promises to be spectacular both in terms of modeling and textures as well as lighting; It even features elements typical of the franchise spread across a setting that can be explored freely, but without the possibility of interaction. Even so, all kinds of fancy things are included like ships flying in the skies and even other planets in the distance. As a technical detail, its creator ensures that the level is executed in performance mode on PS5 at 60 FPS constant.

At the end of last year, a creative of Insomnia games created a level in Dreams also based on Ratchet & Clank, although in this case side scrolling and shooting in the purest shoot ’em up style, although of a much more modest technical invoice. Dreams recently received a new community-created adventure featuring Mega Penguin: The strongest penguin.