[HOT] : Apple launches paid subscriptions on Podcasts, how does it work?

It is possible to pay to subscribe to a podcast, or to a channel, to benefit from content without advertising, or even unpublished.

The Apple Podcasts application now allows access to exclusive content, or published in preview, and without advertising. To do this, you must have at least iOS 14.6, iPadOS 14.6 or macOS 11.4, and subscribe to a monthly subscription that is defined by the authors, starting at 0.49 euros per month, but generally does not exceed the 5 euros per month. On this amount, Apple takes a commission of 30% the first year, then 15% the following years. Additionally, creators must pay $ 19.99 per year to participate in the Apple Podcasters program.

Creators can choose to charge for all of their podcasts, or only a portion. They may also offer a free trial period which then appears when you purchase the subscription. In addition, you can subscribe to multiple shows from the same studio thanks to the channel concept.

Among the French paid content, there are:

  • Louie Media : podcasts around learning, for example in writing with interviews with authors. Price: 3.99 euros per month (7-day free trial).
  • That : channel for children aged 3 to 8 with stories and songs. Price: 2.99 euros per month (7-day free trial).
  • Bababam : This studio offers an ad-free version of its podcasts, such as Noises, True Story and Now You Know, as well as previews for its new dramas. Price: 1.99 euros per month (1 month free trial).
  • New Listenings : the show “Masterclasses Quelle de meuf? »Is offered to subscribers, with an hour of discussion between the host and a guest on the theme of contemporary culture. Price: 2.99 euros per month (7-day free trial).
  • Binge Audio : the weekly La Dose podcast is reserved for subscribers, who can also listen to the studio’s other shows without advertising. Price: 4.99 euros per month (7-day free trial).
  • Europe 1 : offers a paid version of the Hondelatte Raconte program, with episodes accessible before their broadcast on the radio, a new series and bonuses. Price: 2.49 euros per month (7-day free trial).

[HOT] : Apple launches paid subscriptions on Podcasts, how does it work?

Note that there is no commitment when you subscribe. Your subscriptions are compatible with family sharing and appear in the section Subscriptions user settings of the OS. You can also manage them in the app, by touching your avatar, then selecting the option Manage subscriptions.

Finally, remember that the arrival of paid podcasts does not mean the end of free content, which will remain available on the Apple app.