[HOT] : Apple Podcasts: Paid Subscriptions Have Arrived

On Apple Podcasts, it is now possible to enjoy the application without advertising thanks to the paid subscription.

As expected, Apple launched the paid monthly renewal subscriptions in its Podcasts app on June 15, 2021. A novelty that is already available in 170 countries for users with iOS 14.6 or macOS 11.4.

Creators will benefit from paid subscriptions, Apple too

With Apple Podcasts, the Cupertino company has participated in democratizing the format over the past fifteen years. It is now opening up to paid podcasts, a field on which it had not yet ventured.

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It will, of course, always be possible to enjoy it for free, but the subscription options offer several advantages. Among them, listening to podcasts without advertising, access to additional content and access to exclusive or preview episodes. The options are set by the creators, who can already make their “premium” offer available.

They themselves define the prices of the subscriptions which, in general, do not amount to more than 5 euros. On the other hand, Apple will profit from it by touching a commission of 30% on the income of the paid offers. After a year, it will drop to 15%.

The podcast, a booming market

Paid subscriptions are coming to the app, as many companies are showing interest in podcasts. Although few players are still present on the market, Spotify intends to be a major competitor. Not only does the latter in turn plan to launch paid subscriptions, but it will not take any commission on it. Paid podcasts from the Swedish service will therefore not be paid for through in-app purchases from the App Store.

In addition, the big difference between the two platforms is that at Apple, the creators of podcasts will have to pay a subscription of 19.99 dollars per month to be able to offer their paid content. At Spotify, they won’t have to pay anything. A dissimilarity that could weigh in the balance when choosing between the two services.

If Apple wants to overtake the Swedish giant again in number of listeners, it has everything to gain by redoubling its efforts. Fixing the bugs caused by the previous update of the application, such as the inability to connect for some, could be a first step forward.