[HOT] : D-day for the launch of subscriptions on Apple Podcasts

Podcast publishers can now offer a subscription to their listeners to access bonus content. In France, Europe 1 is one of the first participants.

Paid is making its debut in the podcast world. Since Tuesday, the editors of these audio programs can distribute to their listeners a subscription offer via the Apple Podcasts platform, number one in the world. Apple made this announcement at the end of April during a keynote. The service just launched with one month of r **** d on the original schedule due to technical issues.

This service is very different from Apple TV + or Apple Arcade. It does not unlock a large catalog of premium podcasts. It is also not intended to charge fees for programs that were previously free.

In fact, Apple offers podcast publishers the ability to monetize their work other than through advertising. The idea is to open their portfolio to their most committed listeners, by offering them access to exclusive audio series, previews, bonuses .. against a subscription ranging from 0.99 to 4.99 euros per month. In return, Apple receives a 30% commission.

The main offers in France

In France, the main independent podcast studios have decided to launch their paid offer at Apple.

  • Louie Media will publish audio series reserved for subscribers around learning. The first, In Writing, questions authors of books, TV series, journalists or songwriters about their creative process. The subscription is set at 3.99 euros per month
  • Paradiso launches a pay channel for children called Diso. It brings together stories, fables and songs for ages 3 to 8. The price is 2.99 euros per month.
  • I study them Bababam removes all advertisements from its programs (Noises, True Story, Now you know…) for 1.99 euros per month. Subscribers will also have preview access to the studio’s new audio dramas.
  • New Listenings will reserve for its subscribers (2.99 euros per month) the listening of “Masterclasses Quel de meuf?”, that is to say an hour of discussion between a columnist of the podcast and a guest “on contemporary writings, journalism and cultural pop “.
  • Binge Audio It also removes advertising on all of its productions, and gives access to a paid weekly podcast, La Dose, for 4.99 euros per month.

Radio Europe 1 It also offers a paid offer via Apple Podcasts, centered on its successful show Hondelatte Raconte. For 2.49 euros per month, fans of criminal stories will be able to access the episodes before they are broadcast on the radio. They will also be able to access a new series each month and, soon, access bonuses.

Spotify has announced that it is working on similar paid offers. Facebook will allow listeners to pay their favorite podcasters money. Apple could not therefore be left behind. For Apple, this is not a financial issue, but a question of image and talent retention, in order to offer the best content.