[HOT] : Death Stranding Director’s Cut arrives September 24 on PS5 with many new features

Sony and Kojima have just unveiled the trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut as well as its release date. Get ready for great news!

During State of Play, players were able to discover the all new trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut, announcing the arrival of Kojima Productions on PS5. What make you want to retry the Death Stranding experience on next-gen console. Moreover, the game will be embellished with many new features. First, the adventure of Sam Porter Bridges will be entitled to improved gameplay.

Indeed, the melee fights will be improved and will be more numerous. In addition, players will be able to acquire a brand new electric pistol and even shoot from machine guns. In addition, it will be possible to advance the character much faster thanks to the bipedal robot. New delivery items will also be included in this PS5 version. You can also experiment with catapults, make friends with the bot buddy, or even race cars.

“Most of this new content is fairly easy to find, but it will still take you a while to find and unlock some of the material. While I can’t go into details yet about the new missions and enhanced storylines, I can still tell you that a few clues have been added to the last trailer we released, ”Jay said. Boor, Head of Editing at Kojima Productions.

In short, there are many new features for Death Stranding Director’s Cut which will be released on PS5 on September 24. By the way, if you have Death Stranding on PS4, you can transfer your save directly to PS5.