Two short months from its release, DEATHLOOP has once again unveiled, with about ten minutes of gameplay, showing several aspects of FPS.

ambitious world could not be achieved on consoles …

After several postponements, Arkane seems ready to release DEATHLOOP. In this game, Colt, the protagonist, wakes up on Blackreef Island and is stuck in a time loop. He must take out eight specific targets in a given time and if he fails, he wakes up to start the day over and over again.

In an effort to show us what a day and mission really looks like on Blackreef, DEATHLOOP shared a long gameplay streak, commented on by game director Dinga Bakaba. Here, therefore, we see Colt attempting to defeat Visionary Aleksis Dorsey, known as “the Wolf”.

The techniques to achieve your goals are as diverse as they are varied, and the environment could be of great help to you. Whether it is to pass discreetly or to obtain help, it will be necessary to count on the smallest detail and above all, to test every possibility. Arkane insists on this, don’t be afraid to try and die. Even if you fail, you will likely learn something about your target or their minions. Moreover, it will be necessary to be attentive to the slightest discussion or information on the walls, since many clues can be discovered.

As you level up, you’ll unlock new things, like not starting the day over again when you die, since you’ll have the option to come back a few seconds before. Plus, as if that weren’t hard enough, sometimes you will have to deal with Julianna, who aims to eliminate you. This is controlled by the AI ​​or a real player.

Dinga Bakaba also explains that on PS5, the controller will allow you to feel the differences between each weapon, in particular thanks to the triggers.

DEATHLOOP will arrive, as a reminder, on September 14, on PC and PS5 (temporary exclusive). You can already pre-order it at a lower cost via our partner Instant Gaming, which offers it to you on PC for the sum of € 41.98 instead of € 59.99, or 30% reduction.


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