The house is located south-east of Dragon Brugge and is available in a quick trip.


It’s here – unlike other mods – you get a fully managed house. Large cellar to store the necessary things. The key to enter the house can be obtained at the entrance.

The house is divided into two areas

Zone 1, first floor:

Wonderful place to store food and tools
Place for Spongas
Place to store weapons and mined things
Rooms + Library (6 Specuises) + Altar
Alchemy + Chary
4 Mannequin, 4 large display cases, 12 small, 12 racks for weapons and 4

Bedroom 2 Basement:

fully equipped forge
storage facilities


All safes are safe.
All items included in the rest are automatically (by keywords) in the respective vaults, sorted (Sjogga script change).
Fields marked * Safes are filled in automatically, but can also be filled in manually.
All other chests can only be filled manually.

Since the sorting mechanism works on keywords, it can of course happen that items that are correctly equipped with even 100% keywords cannot be sorted correctly. So, all shields end up in the “shields (light)” chest and all of the shower stones in the “shower stones (empty)” chest, as Skyrim does not differ here. To avoid possible issues with other mods, but I am not modifying any items here.

The oven, scythe, workbench, grinding stone, gerbestell, alchemy table and charm table are equipped with “Autoloot”, ie. When using this equipment, the material is taken from the complete input chest and sorted immediately after the completion of the recreation process.

Who does not want to use these two automatic processes on the one hand can not use and disconnect the second autoloot process in small Schaltschränkchen in Chulana or activate if necessary to clarify to be calm.
In sorting out to rest, you don’t have to just throw away tons of items (better little “bundles”), and you should allow the breasts a little time. For many objects it may take a little while until everything is sorted.

My “story” is now written in the books.
Bookshelves and book stands, with an “Unlimited Bookshelves” scenario and works for me without any problems.
The mannequins are equipped with a script from “Vanilla Fix V2.0” and always have several special functions.

The lighting depends on the weather.
The lighting in the exhibition space depends on the external conditions.
You can choose between 10 different banners.

The doors can be activated and deactivated separately.
Dealer and is home (ESP option).


After using the softer, used foods must be manually placed in the sorting box again.


Not known.
Perhaps. Problems with mods.


Installation Manual):
Copy all the files to the Skyrim data folder.
Activate the ESP file in the Skyrim launcher.

Removal (manually):
Unplug the ESP file in the Skyrim launcher.
_farmhaus_ *. ESP, remove MDE subfolders in mesh and folder textures. In scripts and folders, scripts / source to remove all scripts starting with mdefh_.


It is usually sufficient to rewrite the old version with a new one. Who wants to be sure, should act as follows:
Clear all boxes
Clean up all armor dolls
Go home
Save the game
deactivate ESP.
Overwrite old with new ESP

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Building and Finishing Your Own Home

Platform game: TES V: Skyrim Legendary Edition

English name: Home Construction and decoration

Russian name: Building and finishing their own home

Version effective: 9.1​

Fashion language: Russian

Size: 42 Mo

The description

The modification will allow your character to build your own house anywhere in Skyrima, naturally suitable for building. You will have new spells, using which you will erect the building and separate it outside and inside, and provide and equip the necessary devices. For the construction of the house and its arrangement, of course, it will take a lot of time and a lot of work, but it will literally be your own house – to the last nail.

Fashion Features:

  • The ability to build a house in any place suitable for construction.
  • 14 house options.
  • Simple methods of mouse placement of moving objects with the ability to use the Exact Settings dialog box.
  • Over 150 pieces of furniture in different styles.
  • Its agricultural and cultivated plants.
  • Create furniture on a joinery.
  • Original paintings to decorate the walls of your home.
  • Patches for working with Dawnguard and Hearthfire.


  • You must visit Karl Zill in his hut near the stone bridge on the outskirts of Riverwood. He can buy land and construction work.
  • Use the article in the dialogue “How did you manage to build a house here?”.
  • To purchase finished furniture, there is a bargain item from Karla Zilly.
  • You bought a certificate for the construction of the house, now you need to choose a place.
  • You can now explore the documents for construction. They are disposable and are destroyed on reading, leaving you with the “build: begin” spell out.
  • After the caste of this spell, you will have a marker on the map with a future building. Where specify the location of the spell, there will be a marker. Choose a flat surface.
  • Construction – Cost of businesses.
  • In the first building, the house will look crooked and slanted, perhaps on the ground in some places, so be prepared for long and hard work on mistakes.
  • For a good result will have to work … spells.
  • When you use the spell “Construction: Start” it will disappear, ie For each house you have to buy a separate certificate. By disappearance, you will explore 3 new construction spells: “Move”, “Place the door” and “Take”.
  • It’s best to put movement and placement building spells from different hands and use them at the same time.
  • Construction travel spells will give you a dialogue with a question “Do you want to move it yourself or prefer specific settings through the dialogue system.”
  • By choosing free movement, you will be able to place a house with the movements that you are most comfortable with.
  • Harvest the move spell again, you can choose the setting through the dialog box. It is not recommended to use a spell that adds the door until you are certainly confident in the correct location of the house.
  • When the house is successfully located on the surface, you can add the door. After applying this spell, 2 new spells will be available: “Move the door” and “Place the door”. They work the same as housewife spells, and it is also recommended to take spells in both hands.
  • Once you are happy with the location and placement of the door, press “Place Door” and the door will finally be in place.
  • Now using the spell you can complete the construction of the house and you will be asked “Are you sure when the construction is finished?” – And all the extra lines will be removed.
  • Then you will be offered to mark the house (the spell is attached). Also, you get the “come home” spell moving you to that location.


  • Furniture that you can make ourselves. To do this, you need to make a jewelry table in the smithy and create furniture.
  • Furniture Adding Rolls can be purchased from Karl Zill. It works from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Stand where you want to put furniture and use the scroll you want. You will receive 2 “Move object” and “End movement” spells.
  • These spells work the same at build: you can choose mouse control mode, fine-tuning mode, and also toggle between them.
  • After placing furniture, apply one more “decor: finish”. It will remove all decoration spells from the magic menu.
  • If you want to add more furniture, apply the scroll you want and get the same set of spells.
  • Some furniture items associated with blacksmithing require a certain skill to create them. Most require blacksmith level 60 (with the exception of a tubyle rack which requires level 30 skill).

Assistant decorator:

  • Allows you to repair the object so that it can no longer move. This is done so that items and furniture do not fall and move, when you are driving them.