With the help of RAI, you can hire a bard from Löllina Solovna and Gongyar.

In a dialogue with a blessed one, a purchase row may not appear.

For PCS: Use the SetStage ByHhouseFalkReath 100 console command. To obtain a Huskarl, enter the console of prenté XX005216, then activate, then MOVETO Player. At the same time, it is necessary that Dovakin be in Falkria, outside.

If you put too much item in a display case, then it can fall to the floor and then ruin it.

As with most mannequins in the game, an item of gear appears on the Estate mannequins that have been removed from them previously, which could be useful. However, with the same success with the armor, the personally rendered tilt made by you is possible for any non-standard and rare in the clothing set, such as “Vermina’s robe”

Books deleted as unnecessary can be displayed again (for example, in the basement).

As you approach the estate, there may be some play.

A PC solution: it should be checked if the scenic carriers modes are enabled, as it conflicts with this supplement.

It happens to suspend while trying to load an autosave, done while entering the house.

It is possible to leave due to open / close doors inside the house.

It is possible to leave if one of the non-game characters will be used inside the house of the workbench / anvil / grinding stone and other items.

In the kitchen, the pantry and other rooms can suddenly disappear. If you change the position of the examination point, it will be displayed on the screen again.

Possible deposits at the entrance of the house.

Solution: As a drastic way to fix the problem, you can try removing all workspaces from the house and waiting three days for neutral location.

Part of the furniture (benches, table) does not appear in the weapon room – both when creating WorkBenk Street and buying furniture through the ruler.

In many houses, Hearthfire is not possible to make a bed.

A bug is possible in which part of the mannequin falls under the sideboard, or simply passes from the pedestal, as if he came to life without you and was walking somewhere.

When buying furniture through the rule, it may not appear. Also saw a bug with furniture for the hallway. If you are buying it for the first time with the ruler, then the second time around it will say, “Sorry, you can’t afford it.”

3. The “Windstad Manor” (“Windstad Manor”).

Owned by Hyalmark property. Located on the edge of the ice marsh wings, not far from the accident site “run on ice”. The clay and quarry deposits are slightly north of the site, under the rocks of the coast. A clay right next to the pile of logs. On small islets near the victims of the wreckage of the ship, deposits of iron and gold are located.

You can purchase the right to this one in the High Moon Hall of Morphala.

If the Yarl is a black of black, then you must complete the obligatory quest “Eternal Peace” (“laid at rest”) “Investigate the cause of the fire and reveal a rustic plot against the citizens of Maroca”, and this is enough to acquire a site.

If the builder will become Yarl, the quest, which gives the right to buy land, will be the “Battle of Fort Snuchok”.

If you own the property, you will be named Huskarl named Valdimimar. With this you can hire the Angara and Bard from sonir.

As I said, the location of the house does not affect how it looks, but the estate has its own individual traits. For example, unlike other houses, the “Windstad” estate allows you to build a “nursery”. It can be populated with water dwellers, including dragonflies, one of each species. You can also collect caviar from killer fish and oyster meat. Salmon in the nursery will give caviar if the first word scream is applied to this one! True, in this case all killer fish will die. A trio of smart, non-aggressive people will set up next to the nursery (three people), who, in the event of an attack from the estate, will join the banquet on your side!

But basically it’s an intense, dark coast. It is necessary to cup a lot of people and adventures to settle here. Giants, trutes and thieves are attacked on the estate.

By the way, if the house is built before the start of the quest “Tshai Light!”, You can admire the scenery before the appearance of the ship’s expedition.

Bugs related under the spoiler

I remind you that most bugs can be fixed using informal fixes for fellerfire.

After selecting the drawing on the Thright table, the quest marker can stay on the table, the quest will not proceed to the next step. The construction areas of the Workbenka do not happen. Turning off conflicting mods at build time fixes the issue (eg Birds and Flocks, “Real Wildlife Skyrim”).

The hero may not be able to purchase furniture for the hallway after it is created. Also purchased for other rooms whose furniture may not appear.

When restructuring a small house in the hallway, old furniture in the hallway can not go away (for example, the bedside table will remain with a bench that will come out of it).

Weapon racks in the basement may not be available.

Showcases may not be available.

Armor with mannequins soon disappears or appear again, after removing them with a mannequin, an unlimited number of times.

When buying a basement, it may happen that one of the walls will generate directly into the doorway, as a result of which the room will become unavailable.

Bandits or a giant can appear in the textures of the house, in which case you just have to go inside and exit.

After purchasing a horse, an article disappears in a conversation with Huskarl about hiring a bard. In this case, you need to kill the cow and talk to Huskarl again – the item will appear and the cow can be used again for 200 coins.

The vestige of the basement may not disappear, even if you choose this item on the drawing board.

Manager and households

Your Huskarl, which you will receive after purchasing land land, move after building a “little house” on your site. When unoccupied beds appear in the house, he will sleep on one of them, but overall most often he is patrolling your belongings, protecting them from wolves and thieves.

Scripts to attack your own property are most often started with a quick move to their home. You are safe from wild animals, giants, bandits and vampires! It’s okay, we’re always welcome for free alchemical ingredients right at home, right?

Not: It is written in the wiki u003e u003e that the manager’s place “can offer some of your satellites” and the table of all NPS, which can be your satellites and simultaneously control the domain. The rest of your companions, which you would have led, nothing new appeared in the dialogue.If you are tired of buying all the materials yourself, carrying Skyrima in search of sawing horns or goat horns , to navigate the fittings and barrels yourself, you can do the horse’s course – ie propose your Huskarla to become the manager.

No: be careful! In the case of the Huskarla Manager appointment, your other satellite will leave you (except Searsa before the Vampire Lord quest chain ends. (For example, my mate was boxing the shopping trailer and he instantly disappeared from the site. , so finding it after the house was finished was not so easy).

However, without a vehicle you will spend a lot of time looking for and buying building materials, and most importantly, you cannot settle the cow, chickens on your land on our land.

If you have a woolly skyrim cow in the stall, and the courts are running around the yard, then dig with milk and butter in the wrapper needed to bake buns and in chicken eggs.

Of course, food in Skyrim has no payload, except at early levels (either in the absence of pumped alchemy, or when installing rigid-realistic mods), but the entourage of the kitchen and personal affiliate can like a lot.