[HOT] : Fortnite Update 17.10 – Hotfixes for July 6: Nanites, Ray Gun and more

As Fortnite patch 17.20 is fast approaching, Epic Games has deployed this July 6 a patch intended to introduce small novelties to the battle royale, a taste of what awaits players.

Since the launch of the Invasion, strange things have happened in Fortnite. Between the kidnappings and the advance of the aliens, the players do not know where to turn and it does not seem to be going to get any better.

The upcoming arrival of patch 17.20 is already in everyone’s mind, but the developers have first introduced some new features in the battle royale to prepare for the sequel.

The Nanites are coming to Fortnite

A new invention of extraterrestrials has come to light, the Nanites. This little novelty not only makes it possible to “create a fragment of an ecosystem with reduced gravity that you can enter and exit freely”, but it can also be used for crafting.

[HOT] : Fortnite Update 17.10 - Hotfixes for July 6: Nanites, Ray Gun and more

A new invention of aliens has arrived, nanites

“Like nuts and bolts, they can be used as a crafting material: combine one with a rare or higher quality submachine gun to create a Kymera Pistolaser. Hard blow for the IO: it is also possible to manufacture some of their weapons. Combine a Nanite with a Rare or Higher Quality Assault Rifle to create a Pulse Rifle and with a Rare or Higher Quality Sniper Rifle to create a Railgun. Alien nanites can be found on the ground, on top of suction saucers, and in the mothership. ”

A new weapon on Fortnite, the pistolaser of Zyg and Choppy

New alien NPCs, Zyg and Choppy, have appeared on the island. If your heart tells you, you can find them roaming the south of the island planting alien parasite eggs.

If you decide to ruin their plans and take them down, they’ll drop a new laser gun, “more powerful than Kymera’s,” but it won’t be an easy task.

Holly Hedges

Holly Hedges isn’t what she used to be, alien ecosystems have spread through the area. However, this change of atmosphere would be accompanied by very interesting loot, information to be verified at your own risk.

”The IO sent a team there to investigate. It’s the perfect place to get your hands on some alien tech… as long as you embrace the change in mood. ”

This is more than enough to take care of while waiting for the arrival of patch 17.20.

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