[HOT] : Here’s how Apple Podcast subscriptions and channels work

Apple Podcast and Channel subscriptions officially launched this week, giving creators and listeners more flexibility. While the two new features can work together, they can also work separately. Follow us to see how they work in iOS 14.6 and later.

Subscriptions and Channels are available for Apple Podcast makers young and old. The former offers the ability to deliver an ad-free experience as well as benefits for listeners, such as exclusive content and early access, while creating direct revenue for the shows.

And the new Channels feature means creators and networks can collect multiple podcasts in one place to make it easier for listeners to discover and return to their content. At launch, Apple says podcast subscriptions and channels are available in more than 170 countries.

How Apple Podcast Subscriptions and Channels Work

Discover channels and subscriptions

Running at least iOS 14.6 on iPhone, open the Podcasts app You can find the featured channels and subscriptions in the Listen now and Browse tabs

On the Listen now tab, swipe down and find Channels to try

In the Browse tab, swipe down and look under Featured Channels

You can see if your favorite creator or network has created a channel or subscription by using the search tab Under the first results “Shows” you will see a new section “Channels” When you open a podcast, search for the Subscribe or Try for free option near the top (pictured above)

How Apple Podcast Subscriptions and Channels Work

Subscriptions can be channels (multiple shows) or can be for individual podcasts, like our Happy Hour show. If you sign up for two or more channel subscriptions, they will appear in your Listen Now tab in a new My Channels section

As of now, there’s no option to add free Podcast channels to your library (you’ll still need to add individual shows), but they allow you to discover everything from one creator in one place. . months Find pricing details and if a channel or podcast has a free trial next to the Subscribe or Try Free button

This is what a channel subscription looks like:

[HOT] : Here's how Apple Podcast subscriptions and channels workAfter you have successfully subscribed to a channel, you will see a Subscriber Edition label when viewing You can head to your iPhone’s Settings app> your name> Subscriptions to view and cancel podcast subscriptions (just make sure to cancel at least one day before billing) If you subscribe on one try, you can use it all even if you cancel before the end of the test period