[HOT] : How do I access the new Imandra map in SnowRunner?.

The update 7.0 from Snowrunner brings all new content and features to the game. It is part of the deployment of the first phase of the Season Pass of the game, called “Search & Recovery”. Among the novelties we will particularly note the addition of a brand new card named Imandra. Find in this article a presentation of this brand new playground!

A noter : Access to this card is restricted to players who have the Snowrunner Season Pass.

[HOT] : How do I access the new Imandra map in SnowRunner?

How to access the new Imandra card?

To access the new Imandra card there is nothing very complicated. You will simply need to go to the Lake Kovd map in the Kola Peninsula region, take a vehicle out of the garage and go to the northwest of the map where you will find a waypoint. It will take you to the new Imandra map.

Presentation of the new Kola Peninsula region

The game had two American regions (Michigan and Alaska) and one Russian region (Taimyr). With the deployment of the first phase of the “Search & Discovery” Season Pass, things are rebalancing since the new Kola Peninsula region is also located in Russia.

[HOT] : How do I access the new Imandra map in SnowRunner?

As much to say it right away, this new Russian region is not at all the extension of Taimyr. Say goodbye to the mud, big green forests and rain and take out the chains! It must be said that the Kola Peninsula is one of the northernmost regions of Russia, located east of Murmansk, not far from the northern border with Finland and Norway.

After Alaska, we will therefore find with this brand new region a frozen universe. On the program: snow, ice, snow, ice, snow… and more ice! All illuminated by magnificent northern lights!

[HOT] : How do I access the new Imandra map in SnowRunner?

We are therefore invited to bring out our most beautiful vehicles in this icy universe for carry out new expeditions against a background of historical research on the main military sites in the region.

General presentation of the new Imandra card

Located in the same region (Kola Peninsula) as the Lake Kovd map, the Imandra map obviously shares many points in common with the latter in terms of landscapes and general atmosphere. We are once again dealing with a map covered in snow and ice.

[HOT] : How do I access the new Imandra map in SnowRunner?

A bit like Lake Kovd, the Imandra map is structured around a large central arm of the sea which is however unfrozen this time and which occupies a more important place. The map size is roughly similar to Lake Kovd, so it’s a nice new playground!

In terms of activities to do on the map, the players will have to finish:

  • 4 contracts,
  • 18 tasks,
  • 1 challenge.

It is therefore a little less than what was present on the previous card, but it should nevertheless occupy us a few hours. There is also a new vehicle to unlock, the TUZ 108 Warthog and 3 Watchtower to visit.

[HOT] : How do I access the new Imandra map in SnowRunner?

To complete all these missions, players will have access to:

  • 3 loading areas where they can load metal beams, freight containers, fuel, spare parts and wooden planks.
  • 1 trailer store.
  • 1 garage (which requires completing certain missions to be unlocked).

Regarding the exploration of the map, the development teams have kept the principle implemented on the Lake Kovd map. There are only 3 watchtowers which reveal only a very small part of the playing area. The player will therefore have to manually discover the map using themobile recognition unit.

Finally, note that in addition to the large icy esplanades, players will be able to visit two villages, a warehouse, a factory, a military camp, a helipad and a farm. Find their location on the map below.

[HOT] : How do I access the new Imandra map in SnowRunner?

Personal opinion on the Imandra card

As for the Lake Kovd map, my opinion is rather positive about this new playground. The map is again large and pleasant to browse, many points of interest are present and the 23 missions should occupy us a few hours. We can just regret that there are a little less missions than on the previous map.

I am also completely satisfied with the choice of the development teams of keep the new map exploration mode. Doing it on your own and not just going to a few watchtowers makes the experience much more engaging.

In terms of difficulty, an additional notch has been taken compared to Lake Kovd. The large central zone present on this last map made it possible to move easily and quickly. Here, the central area is not frozen, we are deprived of this space. We are therefore obliged to pass on land where easily practicable paths are much less present. We therefore cross the map much more slowly.

Another significant novelty compared to the Lake Kovd card, this time there is much more verticality on the map. You will very often be faced with very steep slopes, and completely icy. If you don’t have the right vehicle and the right equipment, skating is guaranteed …

[HOT] : How do I access the new Imandra map in SnowRunner?

For a more in-depth look at the new Imandra map, find a selection of screenshots taken from the game below.