[HOT] : How to meet all teammates in Mass Effect: Citadel.

the Citadel DLC in Mass effect 3 is widely regarded as the best Mass Effect DLC and one of the best DLC in the game, in part due to the more casual encounters with teammates that players may have after its main mission. After defeating Shepard’s Clone in Mass Effect 3: Citadel, the squad finally has a chance to take a vacation as the Normandy undergoes the necessary upkeep. Shepard can visit the c **** o, the arcade, or the battle simulator to earn credits and enjoy mini-games, complete challenges and earn rewards, and they can meet all of their current and former members. team to spend time at the apartment or on the Silversun strip. To get some of these encounters, players will need to have spoken to their former teammates during their Special Cameo Missions.

Because many players wait to start the Citadel DLC until just before Priority: Cerberus Headquarters and the end of the game, it’s important for Shepard to meet everyone before they throw their big party and experience whatever they want before boarding the Normandy and getting ready for the final showdown with the Reapers. . It will be difficult, if not impossible, for them to come back later and finish everything they missed. Here’s how to make sure Shepard gets the chance to hang out with all of his current and former teammates in Mass Effect 3: Citadel.

How to trigger teammate encounters in Mass Effect 3: Citadel

To meet every living member of Shepard’s team, past and present, in Mass Effect 3: Citadel, players will first need to complete the Mass Effect 3 side missions that include cameos from former teammates. Following these missions, Shepard’s Mass Effect 2 teammates will often be available on the Citadel for a brief chat before players complete the next main story mission. Shepard must make a point of stopping and speaking with these characters on the Citadel to trigger their meeting in the DLC.

[HOT] : How to meet all teammates in Mass Effect: Citadel

The characters Shepard needs to talk to if they want to trigger an encounter in the Citadel DLC, and the mission after which they can be found in the Citadel, appear below:

  • Jack: In the Purgatory nightclub after Grissom Academy: emergency evacuation
  • Jacob: At Huerta Memorial Hospital after Arrae: Cerberus Ex-Scientists
  • Zaeed: In the Docks: Waiting area with refugees after Citadel: Ambassador Volus
  • Samara: Near the Embassies after Ardat-Yakshi Monastery

Grunt, Miranda, and Kasumi have no post-mission conversations. Complete, Crossing the attic: Krogan team and Citadel: Male diplomat and help Miranda in her special mission before Priority: Horizon will be enough to trigger their encounters if they all survive.

[HOT] : How to meet all teammates in Mass Effect: Citadel

Additionally, Shepard must speak to Joker, EDI, Garrus, Tali, Javik, Samantha, Steve, James, Ashley or Kaidan, Wrex and Liara at some point during the downtime between missions and when they are spending time. on the Citadel, they will only be available for an encounter during the Citadel DLC. To find out where everyone is each time the Normandy docks at the Citadel, Shepard should consult the map.

Once players complete the main campaign of Mass Effect 3: Citadel, they can return to the apartment and will start receiving messages on their private terminal from teammates in hopes of meeting each other. To invite teammates to the apartment, players will need to open the terminal and choose the option on the left side of the screen, where the tutorial and upgrade information is usually located. Once they’ve invited a teammate, the associated encounter cutscene will play. If a teammate requests to meet Shepard elsewhere, they will have to leave the apartment and proceed to their destination on the Silversun Strip. There will usually be an important knot telling players where to expect the associated teammate. Interacting with this node will trigger the cutscene.

[HOT] : How to meet all teammates in Mass Effect: Citadel

Only Kasumi, Joker, and Wrex will need their encounters to be triggered manually. For Kasumi, Shepard will have to go to the Silver Coast C **** o and investigate the strange device. For Wrex and Joker, they’ll have to go to the Silver Coast C **** o bar and interact with the node that says Wait for the Joker or Attendre Wrex. This may also be true for Javik, whose email sometimes fails to trigger. Its node is at the end of the Strip.

When Shepard responds to all email requests, they’ll want to vacate the apartment, play a mini-game to earn extra credits, and return. This will often trigger new messages. Many teammates have multiple encounters, so it’s important to leave and come back frequently to get access to all of them. When the emails stop coming in, Shepard can start the big party that serves as the finale to Mass Effect 3: Citadel and invite everyone they’ve met for one last encounter before the game ends.

[HOT] : How to meet all teammates in Mass Effect: Citadel