[HOT] : Lost Judgment unveils introductory scene on the streets of Yokohama

Lost Judgment unveils its opening scene. The opening, as it is usually called, shows the main characters in the streets of Yokohama, the city that returns after its debut in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. The song, 旋 (Rasen), is performed by popular group jon-YAKITORY, with collaboration from Ado. You can see it under this paragraph.

Judgment lost, what can we expect?

Judgment (Judge Eyes in Japan) was one of the most popular works of the Studios Ryu Ga Gotoku, the main managers of the Yakuza franchise. Takayuki Yagami will once again star in a crime thriller that moves to a new location. As we said, Yokohama will be the main enclave where the plot takes place, through the Isezaki Ijincho neighborhood.

Among the novelties we can expect a new playable space: school. This institute will be fully accessible, and will allow Yagami to enjoy mini-games and side activities, in addition to doing the same when the main storyline passes there. There we will see the “funniest part” of the game, the hallmark of the studio.

The combat system will maintain the combat positions of the Crane and the Tiger; a third will be added to the duo, Serpent, designed to counterattack the enemy and fight from a less offensive perspective. We know it will have a battle pass that will contain an additional story expansion, although specific details have not been revealed.

We won’t have to wait long to play it. The release of Lost Judgment is expected soon September 24 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. For the first time at RGGS, they will be launched simultaneously around the world. In the West, we won’t have to wait a few months compared to Japan; We will all receive it at the same time.