[HOT] : Mass Effect Legendary Edition – How to Get and Throw Part Two Grenades.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Comment lancer des grenades

You might think you know how to do basic things like throw grenades into Legendary Mass Effect Edition but going back to the first game can shake that confidence pretty quickly. Even the latest entries have their own little wrinkles that more modern games have corrected. Elements of the RPG and other balancing decisions have moved some generally normal actions from single buttons to full actions. To help you out, we’ve covered how to throw grenades in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, breaking it down by game.

How to throw grenades in Mass Effect 1 (Legendary Edition)

Mass Effect 1 is probably the most difficult to understand. As the first game in the series, and the one that relied the most on the RPG elements of the franchise, it really changes how some things work. Tackle on the fact that grenades aren’t the usual throw-and-forget kind and you’ve got a recipe for confusion from new and old players alike. Fortunately, it’s still pretty straightforward.

[HOT] : Mass Effect Legendary Edition – How to Get and Throw Part Two Grenades

All you need to do to throw grenades in ME1 in Mass Effect Legendary Edition is press Square on PS4 / PS5 or X on Xbox One or Series X / S. However, throwing a grenade is not the end, you should always use it. ME1’s grenades are not impact grenades, they are triggered from a distance. Press Square or X again to detonate them or you just wait and they’ll eventually stop and explode on their own after 10 seconds.

How to use Grenades in Mass Effect 2 (Legendary Edition)

Grenades get a little weird in Mass Effect 2, and the Legendary Edition hasn’t changed things in that area at all. While the first game had the usual grenade mechanic as an additional component of your battle kit, they become abilities here. You will need to unlock the ability of your teammates, with only Kasumi and Zaeed able to learn grenade powers.

[HOT] : Mass Effect Legendary Edition – How to Get and Throw Part Two Grenades

Once you’ve unlocked them and completed their loyalty quests, Shepard can also wield the power, but in a limited way. In short, with one of those characters on your team with the Flashbang Grenade (Kasumi) or Hell Grenade (Zaeed), you can lift the drive wheel with the right bumper or R1 and select it. Make sure to target the opponent the grenade is to be thrown at while the menu is in place, then once you let go it will be done.

How to use Grenades in Mass Effect 3 (Legendary Edition)

Mass Effect 3 is similar to 2 with the way grenades are implemented, but with a lot more freedom. Shepard himself can unlock grenade powers for use in battle. Once you unlock them, the ability works the same as in ME2. Lift the power dial and select them or associate them with a specific button press, then use it in the future. Ultimately, using Grenades in Mass Effect 3 feels like middle ground between 1 and 2, where they’re easily accessible to Shepard, but are handled as if it’s an ability rather than an ability. a usable object.

[HOT] : Mass Effect Legendary Edition – How to Get and Throw Part Two Grenades

What to know about Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

We find a lot of basic things that become important when playing any of the 3 games contained in this edition, among which the decisions in order to achieve a balance and in this case we have to consider how to throw grenades and the details following content, let’s follow it.

How to throw grenades on Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

We will see on How to throw grenades in Mass Effect Legendary Edition what we have to do in each of the games and for that the following:

[HOT] : Mass Effect Legendary Edition – How to Get and Throw Part Two Grenades
  • In Mass Effect 1: in this case it can be very complex for your understanding, it is because we are in the first of the series, this one being the one that has many factors of an RPG game, which we are going to do is press square for PS4 / PS5 or X on Xbox One or Series X / S, only that using grenades has no impact, although they can be activated remotely , by pressing the square or X again to make them explode, or even 10 seconds later, they end up exploding on their own.
  • In Mass Effect 2: in this second part of the series we will see grenades being part of our abilities, this being a change from the previous game, it is then necessary that said ability is unlocked, only that Kasumi and Zaeed are the only ones. able After mastering it, after unlocking and we have completed the corresponding loyalty missions, we will see that Shepard can also use this ability, only to a limited extent, with Kasumi we have the Flashbang grenade and with Zaeed the one from Hell , then with the right bumper or the R1 We take out the driving wheel and we make the choice, it is important to aim at the opponent that we are going to throw the grenade at him, then releasing him is enough.
  • In Mass Effect 3: in the same way that the use of grenades is presented in the previous game for this latest installment, it is only similar that it adds greater freedoms, since with Shepard it is possible to unlock this power to use it in combat, the operation is the same, we have to go through the power wheel and choose it or assign it with the specific button, certainly the use of this can be seen as something in between between the first two games in the series.

Finally, now that we know how to throw grenades, we can make the most of an important function in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.