[HOT] : Metro Exodus – The PS5 Trophies List.

The PS5 sees its catalog gradually filling up while Metro Exodus has just arrived on the latest console from Sony. Thus, a whole new list of trophies is associated with the title.

Metro Exodus has just offered a port on PS5 with certain graphic improvements. For players wishing to perform the Platinum title on PS5, here is the list of all the trophies to obtain:

[HOT] : Metro Exodus – The PS5 Trophies List

Base game

  • Brake guard : Detach all the wagons from the train in the MOSCOW level.
  • Exodus : Complete the MOSCOW level.
  • Aurora : Give the locomotive a name.
  • Regatta : Get on a boat.
  • Railwayman : Get into the wagon.
  • Friend of the crew : Find the guitar and the teddy bear in the VOLGA level.
  • Long distance passenger : Find the passenger car.
  • Sinner : Kill the catfish.
  • Duke : Duke survives.
  • Lower the bridge : Complete the VOLGA level.
  • Legitimate revenge : Kill 90 cannibals.
  • Spoiled dinner : Complete the IAMANTAOU level.
  • Driver : Drive the Bukhanka.
  • Vanmageddon : Kill 50 monsters with the Bukhanka.
  • Russian mountains : Use the basket in the CASPIENNE level to reach the oasis.
  • Road map : Find maps in the lab.
  • Damir : Damir stays with the crew.
  • New order : Complete the CASPIENNE level.
  • Gorko! : Attend the wedding on the SUMMER level.
  • Decommunization : Destroy the biggest statue in front of the TAIGA level children’s camp.
  • Master of the forest : Stand firm against the bear during the first encounter.
  • 17h00 : Take tea with the Admiral in the TAIGA level.
  • Child of the forest : Complete the TAIGA level without attacking anyone or being spotted.
  • Aliosha : Aliosha was not injured.
  • Sword of Damocles : Complete the TAIGA level.
  • Putrefaction : Go through the putrid tunnel.
  • Guide : Pass the research center without killing a Blind in the DEAD CITY level.
  • Maximum strength : Duke and Damir stay with the crew, Aliosha doesn’t get hurt.
  • Supreme difficulty : Successfully complete the game on Ranger Hard mode.
  • Eternal journey : Save Anna by paying a heavy price.
  • Your destination : Take command of the Order.
  • Professional : Kill at least one victim with each weapon.
  • Gunsmith : Install one modification of each category on a weapon.
  • Cared for : Spend 500 chemical resources to clean up weapons.
  • Handyman : Spend 500 consumable resources on crafting.
  • On his thirty-one : Find all the upgrades for Artyom’s outfit.
  • Martien : Repair the gas mask.
  • Last breath : Running out of filters in a contaminated area, make one while suffocating.
  • Antibiotic : Kill 300 mutants.
  • Indented : Kill 50 enemies from a distance.
  • Silent Sniper : Kill 30 enemies with the Tikhar.
  • Robin Hood : Kill 30 enemies with the crossbow.
  • Head hunter : Kill 300 human enemies.
  • Saboteur : Kill melee or stun 50 enemies.
  • Kaleidoscope : Kill 3 enemies with the sniper scope, wearing gas mask and night vision goggles.
  • Bird of Fire : Kill a demon with fire.
  • Librarian : Find the 70 hidden diary pages.
  • Old world images : Find the 21 postcards.
  • On the waves : Find a song on the radio.

Trophées New Game+

  • Toy seller : Find 3 toys in New Game + mode: the teddy bear, the sun and the fish.
  • Mutation : Successfully complete the game in New Game + mode using any gameplay modifier.
  • Arm wrestling : Successfully complete the game on Iron Mode.

Trophées DLC The Two Colonels

  • New Year : Celebrate the New Year in The Two Colonels chapter.
  • Duty and conscience : Make a moral choice in The Two Colonels chapter.
  • Father and son : Advise Kiril in The Two Colonels chapter.
  • The real colonel : Complete The Two Colonels chapter.
  • Overview : Find the 9 diary pages hidden in The Two Colonels level.
  • Be careful, it’s quite heavy! : Kill 3 Nosalis with the melee attack of the flamethrower in the chapter The Two Colonels.
  • Pro of dodging : Dodge all of the Blind’s throwing attacks in The Two Colonels chapter.
  • It’s almost nothing : Complete The Two Colonels chapter on Normal difficulty or higher without using a medi-pack.

Trophées DLC Sam’s Story

  • Cinephile : Organize the screening of a documentary in the Sam’s Story chapter.
  • Hunter : Install the 5 traps in the Sam’s Story chapter as requested by the Captain.
  • Untouchable : Survive against a vampire in the Sam’s Story chapter on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • The last hero : Complete the Sam’s Story chapter.
  • A man of principles : Complete the Sam’s Story chapter and gain the full confidence of the Captain.
  • Grand Duke : Find all the Night Hunters’ hideouts in the Sam’s Story chapter.
  • Music lover : Collect all the harmonica melodies in the Sam’s Story chapter.
  • Lord of War : Find all the Sammy and Stallion upgrades in the Sam’s Story chapter.

As a reminder, Metro Exodus is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.