[HOT] : Oculus Quest 2: A tool to unlink your Facebook account.

A 17-year-old coder named Basti564 released a tool to unlink his Facebook account from his Oculus Quest 2.

It was the UploadVR and PC Gamer sites that reported the news. After the failure of Facebook services during the week, a major concern struck players with an Oculus Quest 2: impossible to use the headset. 17-year-old coder Basti564 posted a tool called Oculess. This allows (once the headset is configured with Facebook) to dissociate his account from the headset, and continue to use it. Once unlinked, you will no longer be able to use the Oculus Store, but will be able to continue to download apps via other tools like SideQuestVR.

However, without Facebook, tools will be unusable :

[HOT] : Oculus Quest 2: A tool to unlink your Facebook account
  • Oculus
  • Oculus browser
  • Oculus TV
  • Casting
  • Some apps that were downloaded from the Oculus Store due to permission issues
  • All the features of Facebook’s social networks

Basti564 offers some substitution tools :

  • Launch of the Oculus Store applications: Quest App Launcher
  • Virtual office: ALVR or VRidge
  • Casting: Sidequest includes an easy to use interface for Scrcpy and Android Wireless Debug Bridge
  • Browser and TV: Firefox Reality

Tools that will appeal to players who want to do without Facebook, whatever their reasons. Be careful, this is not no official method.

[HOT] : Oculus Quest 2: A tool to unlink your Facebook account

To install these tools, follow the tutorial published by Basti564 on its site, and a video on its YouTube channel. You can download Oculess at this address.