[HOT] : On OCS City, the artificial paradises of the “White Lotus”

Mike White signs a biting miniseries for HBO set in a luxurious Hawaiian resort. A tragicomic satire, the superficiality of which hides an amused lucidity on the post-Covid world.


From its first images, The White Lotus makes no secret of where it is coming from: someone will not survive their stay at the White Lotus, a luxurious Hawaiian resort dedicated to well-being. The question of knowing who rests in the coffin about to board the plane quickly becomes secondary, as it seems obvious that the characters gathered here are doomed to kill each other, at least metaphorically. Filmed in the midst of a pandemic, this miniseries in six episodes is orchestrated by the jack-of-all-trades Mike White, writer, actor and prolific director (The Good Girl, Enlightened …) known for his ability to subtly balance humor, madness and the darkness. He is particularly good at it here.

A year and a half after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, The White Lotus shows what remains of our ability to live together. The report drawn up by the showrunner is relentless but rather than mourning the end of a world, Mike White delivers a biting, tragicomic satire, the superficiality of which hides an amused lucidity. On a heady soundtrack, in front of a sky that will keep a disturbing yellow tone throughout the six episodes, Mike White films a handful of haves on a spree, none of whom seem happy to be there.

Symbolic combat

The White Lotus goes through the very 2020 themes, made even more salient by this strange state, half-dejected, half-rebellious, in which the pandemic has plunged the world: obsession with well-being, frantic quest for pleasure , neurotic relationship to money… And this feeling that something is owed to us, that the Anglo-Saxons describe so well by the term entitlement, and of which The White Lotus is a charming staging.


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