[HOT] : On your screens: find your way. Or not…

They’re all fine ?

At the launch of the first season of the comedy-drama Atypical in the summer of 2017, several criticized this plunge into the daily life of a young man with an autism spectrum disorder and his family for not portraying realistically the reality of autistic people and counting very little in its distribution. The production corrected the shooting for the second and third efforts by including autistic writers and actors in its team. The intrigues surrounding the central character, Sam Gardiner (Keir Gilchrist), and his family, his parents still in the process of reconciliation (Jennifer Jason Leigh and Michael Rapaport) and his sister Casey (Brigette Lundy-Paine), in great questioning of identity, thus seem to have gained in authenticity and depth with this change. This is still the case in this fourth and final season, where we find our young hero, more and more self-confident and autonomous, as he leaves the family nest to live in a shared apartment with his best friend Zahid ( Nik Dodani), always so deliciously strange …

However, his “adult” life did not completely satisfy him as he embarked on a project that would allow him to realize his dream of being surrounded by penguins, his favorite animals. Those close to them also face challenges that force them to question and assert themselves. These trajectories, which sometimes diverge and often converge, unfold delicately over the ten episodes, between drama and situational comedy, a story of learning, mourning and redemption. A very nice conclusion for this tribe certainly a little “atypical”, but very endearing.
Atypical (season 4)
Netflix, starting July 9

The “stepfather” and death

From the first moments of the Secrets de famille miniseries (Flesh and Blood in the original English version), we know that someone will be the victim of a murder. We do not know who or how, and it will take a long time to find out… And we do not complain about it once we are immersed in this happy mixture of suspense and family drama concocted by the British Sarah Williams (Becoming Jane). We meet Vivien, a widow in her sixties, who announces to her three grown children in their thirties, with lives filled with dissatisfaction and lies, that she has a new lover. This news is far from enchanting them, to the point where they are wary of their mother’s chosen one (enigmatic Stephen Rea), and the viewers too. To force… It must be said that the story told in flashback in the form of testimony to the police of the neighbor a little too curious and attentive (Imelda Staunton, perfect) of Vivien feeds the possible scenarios having led to this mysterious violent death.

The British media (since it is an ITV production) have raised the possibility of a second season, so needless to say that all the intrigues will be unraveled at the end of these four well-rounded episodes …
Family secrets
Télé-Québec, Tuesday, 9 p.m. and available at tele-quebec.tv

Escape into the void

We only got to see the trailer for this Norwegian series, which won the 2019 Series Mania Festival Student Award. And it may be more than enough to discourage venturing into it. The four main characters in this drama inspired by the very real (and indecent) life of wealthy businessmen are absolutely not endearing. Engaged in their debauchery of money, sex and other artificial paradises to fill the void of their existence, these men who believe they are allowed everything and to whom everything is owed do not give so much the taste that we are interested in them. However, a jury of young telephones saw an interesting production. They may be right …
Exit (V.F.)
Club Illico, starting July 15


[HOT] :  On your screens: find your way.  Or not…

On the court, and elsewhere …
Since her first Grand Slam title at the 2018 US Open which revealed her to the general public, Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka has not done things like the others. In this three-part documentary series, we follow this new racquet star over two very busy years, marked among other things by his involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement, in training, on tennis courts around the world, as well as in the quest for its Haitian roots.


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