[HOT] : PlayStation: see you tomorrow for a new State of Play centered on Deathloop

The game from the Lyon-based Arkane studio will be unveiled in a new gameplay sequence, starting tomorrow evening.

[HOT] : PlayStation: see you tomorrow for a new State of Play centered on Deathloop

Sony has just announced the arrival of a State of Play completely dedicated to gaming Deathloop tomorrow night at 11 p.m. (French time). It will run for 30 minutes and will be broadcast on the company’s Youtube channel as well as its Twitch channel. A new gameplay sequence will be presented that Sony explains to us like this:

“This extended gameplay sequence will show us Colt moving stealthily across rooftops using his skills… or rushing forward shooting anything that moves to wreak havoc. The island of Blackreef offers many possibilities. “

Deathloop is an action shooter where you play as a man stuck in a time loop. To get out of it, you will have to defeat mercenaries who call themselves the Visionaries, while escaping the traps of an antagonist. The Arkane studio has also returned to video the details of the time loop and how it works in the game.

What future for Deathloop on PS5?

Developed by the Lyon studio Arkane, the game is still a field of uncertainty regarding its exclusivity on PS5. Indeed, Arkane belongs to Bethesda, which itself belongs to the Microsoft group since the beginning of the year. By extension, this places Deathloop in the awkward gaming position offered by one of the Xbox Games Studio, but available only on PlayStation.

At the buyout of Bethesda, Microsoft had explained that Deathloop was going to be a PS5 exclusive as was originally planned, but we still do not know what the future holds in the long term. It is highly likely that the title will eventually land in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, or that its availability will be extended to the Xbox Series after a few months or years.