[HOT] : Pokémon Unite Android launch date confirmed

Pokémon Unite now has a September release date for its Android and iOS versions. The Nintendo Switch version will first launch in July. The 5-v-5 online multiplayer game will feature cross-platform support.

About a year after its official announcement, the Pokémon company finally announced a release schedule for its upcoming mobile video game. The online multiplayer fighting game Pokémon Unite will first release on Nintendo Switch in July, followed by a September launch for Android and iOS mobile versions. The announcement did not offer a specific launch date for any of the new platforms.

As previously announced, the game will be a free title. It contains elements of a MOBA-style game, in that two teams of five players compete against each other, each with their own Pokémon with their own abilities and items. As each battle progresses, players’ Pokémon all evolve and begin to acquire new abilities. When players defeat opposing Pokémon or Wild Pokémon, they release Aeos energy, which can then be collected and put into the opposing team’s goal for points. The team with the most points at the end of the battle wins.

While the game will be free to play, Pokémon Unite will include support for microtransactions. The company has already announced that players will be able to unlock more Pokémon, as well as new outfits for their trainer and Holowear for Pokémon.

Hopefully we’ll get more information on Pokémon Unite in the near future, including a more specific release date. We’ll have to see if this cross-platform game will have the same popularity as another mobile game, the augmented reality-themed Pokémon Go.