[HOT] : Project xCloud: Microsoft runs Forza Horizon 4 on Galaxy S9

Project xCloud is progressing well and Microsoft is taking the opportunity to offer us a video demonstration. We can see Forza Horizon 4 running on a Galaxy S9 connected to an Xbox controller. The service allows console games to be played on other types of screens such as a smartphone or laptop.

[HOT] : Project xCloud: Microsoft runs Forza Horizon 4 on Galaxy S9

In October 2018, Microsoft told us about its Project xCloud streaming service officially for the first time. A few months later, the Redmond firm returns with some fresh information as well as a presentation and demonstration video. In the extract available at the end of the article, we explain the operation of the platform, which we can see at work. Titles are actually run remotely on Microsoft’s Azure servers and streamed in real time to the screen of another device. On a Galaxy S9, Microsoft therefore manages to launch Forza Horizon 4. As promised, it therefore seems that Xbox One games can be streamed to new types of screen as long as a good internet connection is available. In this example, the smartphone is linked to an Xbox controller for controls.


Microsoft recalls that the first full-scale tests of Project xCloud will begin in 2019. No commercial release date has however been communicated for the moment. The strategy of the manufacturer and publisher is to be able to offer its services, applications and games on as many platforms as possible to establish itself beyond the Xbox ecosystem. It is in this context that Xbox games will land on Nintendo Switch. We are also awaiting an announcement on this subject at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019.

By presenting its service a few days before the event, Microsoft is undoubtedly trying to steal the limelight from Google, which teases a major ad on this occasion, even speaking of “the future of gaming”. We expect the launch of Project Stream, direct competitor to Project xCloud, as well as hardware with at least one expected box, and maybe even a full-fledged console.