[HOT] : PS5: anti-lightning plugs are not enough to protect the console.

The cases of PS5 burnt out after a thunderstorm are increasing. Indeed, many players tell their misadventures on Reddit or on Sony forums. Despite the use of an anti-lightning plug, several of them assure that their console died at the first lightning strike near their home.

The PS5 is still just as complicated to find and unfortunately these difficulties are likely to continue until 2022 as recently admitted by Sony. Despite everything, the console is already a success with more than 10 million PS5 sold. And precisely, Reddit user Dogen_Lives_in_glass is one of his lucky ones. Or rather, being part of it.

As he says on the social network, his PS5 died when lightning struck his house. “I was gone for a week and lightning hit my house, the PS5 stuck. Don’t take your console for granted… ”he says. Faced with the inability to restart the console, the user was forced to remove the shell in order to access the Blu-Ray drive to remove a game stuck inside. Before that, he had nevertheless tried to change the power cable and the socket, without success.

[HOT] : PS5: anti-lightning plugs are not enough to protect the console


Unfortunately and as he explains on Reddit, he is running out of solution. The console is still under warranty, the owner will try his luck with Sony, hoping to succeed and get a repair or replacement machine. After the publication of its story, many other owners of PS5 told similar facts, where their console passed the weapon on the left after a thunderstorm.

“My house was struck by lightning too. She destroyed the PS5 and my surge protector. An iMac and its battery were also destroyed. Insurance paid for everything ”, explains another user. This case recalls the recent story of a player electrified by lightning through his controller. Fortunately for him, no serious after-effects were deplored. Anyway, the testimony of these users is a reminder of how it is better to unplug your console before leaving for the weekend or on vacation, to avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of a storm. And you, do you already have a console damaged by lightning? Tell us in the comments.

[HOT] : PS5: anti-lightning plugs are not enough to protect the console