[HOT] : PS5: How to play PS5 games on your PS4 with Share Play?

With backward compatibility, it’s easy to play PS4 games on your new PS5. But, as strange as it may seem, it is possible to do the reverse: play PS5 on your PS4. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!


It’s no secret that it is very difficult to get hold of the PS5. And for good reason, since its release at the end of 2020, the new Sony console is out of stock worldwide.

Many players are like this forced to wait and continue to have fun on their old console, like the PS4. Which can be very frustrating!

Indeed, many PS4 players are doomed to stay on their “old” console while salivating on the new PS5 games and their amazing graphics. Hard hard !

And yet, believe it or not, it is now possible to play new PS5 games on your old console. Oh yeah, you read it well !

This is not about transferring backups between the two consoles or to make a PS5 Blu-Ray compatible with the PS4. No no !

If this feat is possible, it’s thanks to Share Play. This feature, launched by Sony in 2014, has indeed recently enabled crossplay.

This allows a player to broadcast their game to a friend’s Playstation. You can watch a game, join a multiplayer session and even take control of the controller!

If your friend has a PS5 and you each have a Playstation Plus subscription, so you can play their PS5 games from your PS4. MCE TV tells you what to do!

[HOT] : PS5: How to play PS5 games on your PS4 with Share Play?


To be able to play PS5 games on the PS4, there are therefore two prerequisites. Your friend must own a PS5 and you both must have a PS Plus subscription. If not, then you can subscribe!

From there you can activate the Share Play feature and follow the steps below. First, you will need to press the PS button on your controller. So far, nothing very complicated!

Then, in the “Parties” tab, you will have to click on “Create a Party”. From there it will be necessary add your friend who owns a PS5 in the “Party”. Once your buddy is invited, you will have to click on “Create a new Party”!

Finally, you will have to press the PS button on your controller again in the chat window. You can then choose the “Start screen sharing” menu then click on “Start Shared Game”.

From there, you will just have to choose the desired game mode. Thanks to the “The visitor plays under your name” feature, your friend can give you control of the PS5 game!

If he chooses instead “Play a game with the visitor”, you can then have fun together in multiplayer on the same PS5 game. Cool, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, Share Play has some limitations. First of all, not all PS5 games are compatible. Next, the game must be available on the PS Store in your region. So check it all out before you start!

Finally, Share Play cannot not last more than an hour. But, that’s already it to enjoy while waiting to have your own PS5!


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