[HOT] : PS5: Sony is becoming the laughing stock of Internet users because of this blunder!

Sony becomes the laughing stock of Internet userss because of a small ball with his PS5! MCE TV tells you more.


Since its release last November, Sony’s new console has been sparking a lot of ink. The first reason is that the PS5 is still as rare as black gold.

Indeed, gamers have a hard time getting their hands on the famous machine. A rarity which therefore seems to be due to very limited stocks. Besides, the creator of the PS5 himself does not seem able to find a solution.

But there is still a few lucky ones who were able to afford the famous machine of the Japanese giant. Moreover, this one is talked about a lot especially because of its design.

This one was meant to be futuristic and modern, but it didn’t really convince everyone! Indeed, its bold curves and its imposing size do not at all facilitate its storage. Without too many surprises!

But while it is normal to see customers unable to put the console on correctly, it is more surprising to find that Sony itself does not know how to do it! Eh yes. The very creator of the famous console seems to have trouble knowing how to position your machine horizontally.

It is also Kotaku who spotted the small dumpling of the Japanese giant. In an advertisement, we therefore see the console placed upside down! The advertisement was removed very quickly. But it is already too late. It is already circulating on the Internet!

[HOT] : PS5: Sony is becoming the laughing stock of Internet users because of this blunder!


The design of the PS5 therefore does not make it very easy to position it horizontally. Indeed, the upper part of the console is flatter. What can therefore encourage owners to put it upside down.

Moreover Sony provides a base for the lower part, which is therefore more dug. This base therefore makes it possible to keep it stabilized. But it is not fixed! Which therefore does not facilitate its use.

For vertical placement, you can’t go wrong! But to put his PS5 horizontally, that’s another story. So to help you, there is only one thing to remember.

Always remember to put the disc eater at the bottom left when the console is placed. If not, then you have placed your console upside down.

And if you have opted for the version without CD player then consider insteadr the thicker black central part on the right. If you are wrong, know that it is nothing serious!

Moreover, Sony is not at its first ball. Indeed, this is not the first time that the Japanese designer does not know how to position his console correctly.

Last December, some time after the launch of the console, the boss of PlayStation Studios shared a short clip where he showed his cat in front of the television. And the most observant have noticed that his console was placed upside down! He quickly deleted his tweet.