[HOT] : PS5: Sony puts the console upside down and attracts the wrath of the web

When Sony does commercials, it doesn’t do things by halves. However, his last ad suffered the mockery of Internet users. This, because of the position of the PS5 …

Sony trending on Twitter despite himself

No need to introduce you more Sony and its latest console the PS5. While we are firmly awaiting the end of the year line-up, this small success is stirring up a lot of envy. It also gave rise to a rather unusual theft recently. The crooks wanted to buy the console with fake tickets… Lack of luck, the trap has closed on them. If the console, now available for rent is still struggling to replenish its stock, Sony does not skimp on the promotion; Evidenced by an advertising spot, recently trending on Twitter. An advertisement which greatly amused Internet users.

Neither one nor two, the Twittosphere has taken hold of it. The ad therefore shows us a father, helping his son to fall asleep by telling him a story, which is in fact that of God of War. When we see the father of the DualSense family in hand, we can see the PS5 … In the wrong direction! Mistake or a stroke of genius? We will opt for the second option instead, because Sony quickly deleted his tweet, as if he was ashamed of something. It must be said thata brand that misuses its devices, it makes people talk and it messes her badly.

PS5: Sony puts the console horizontally and is laughed at by the Web

Anyway, Internet users did not fail to react. The blue bird platform has seen a plethora of memes, as hilarious as the ones from Fast & Furious. That a player puts his PS5 horizontally, that does not shock, but Sony, what… A Net surfer commented on that: “only the real players put their PS5 in this direction”. “Sony’s marketing arm that plays 4D chess by turning their console upside down,” another Twittos wrote. Sony didn’t really appreciate the taunts though. Otherwise, he would not have deleted his tweet in two steps …

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