[HOT] : PS5: Sony talks about its takeover strategy, the “maturity” of its studios above all

In an industry where the acquisition of studios seems to be the sinews of war, especially in the face of a Microsoft with an insatiable appetite, Sony is giving some interesting details on its takeover policy. For the Japanese manufacturer, one thing predominates, beyond even buying an impressive number of companies: the maturity of developers as well as their development.

First at the head of Guerrilla Games, the famous Dutch studio behind the Killzone and Horizon saga, Hermen Hulst was promoted to the head of PlayStation Studios in 2019, becoming one of the thinking heads of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Recently, the man gave an interview to Eurogamer, covering the very recent creation of Deviation Games.. As we indicated in our article, this new firm has just been founded by two former Treyarch employees (including its co-founder), already has around a hundred employees and its first title will therefore be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Although the company is not owned by Sony, the opportunity was given for Hermen Hulst to give some curious details on the strategy of takeover of the Japanese giant. And for him, acquiring studios is one thing, but the work is actually done in another area.

PlayStation Studios is booming. SIE is expanding rapidly. We’re always on the lookout for amazing new experiences no matter where they come from, big or small, whatever the genre.

If I meet a group of stylists who are building a new outfit, who have gained incredible experience, who have matured as creatives and then you take their chains off and give them carte blanche, the result will be just fascinating.

In a less colorful way, Hermen Hulst then takes Deviation Games as an example, whose first production will therefore be carried out in collaboration with PlayStation Studios. “Obviously, they are totally autonomous on the creative level”, he says, before continuing: “They have done an incredible job of bringing some of the best talent in the industry into their organization. Coupled with the way we make games at PlayStation Studios, I think one of the strengths of a group like Deviation Games is that we focus on quality. We are committed to doing it and taking the time it takes, because starting a new franchise is very difficult. ”

For Sony, therefore, the time and maturity of its developers – as well as close and long-term collaboration – is essential to create good games, and this policy seems to apply even to studios … newly born.