[HOT] : Sonic All-Star Series: SEGA launches a series full of nostalgia for Sonic’s 30th anniversary

To properly celebrate the 30th anniversary of its dear mascot, SEGA is far from having been short of ideas: new games, collections, remasters, symphonic concert, new cinematographic component,… Today, the company Tokyo inaugurates an original format called Sonic All-Stars Series.

Nothing is too good for the whooping cough of SEGA. As part of the 30th anniversary of the blue hedgehog, the Japanese firm has never ceased to draw ideas from right to left and, quite recently, it’s a series of short documentaries in honor of Sonic that has been introduced.

Produced in partnership with the energy drink brand G Fuel, Sonic All-Stars Series will host and speak to many guests to share, each in turn in a dedicated episode, their memorable memories around the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise.

The very first episode, broadcast yesterday on the official Youtube channel of the fast blue hedgehog, takes place in the company of Jirard Khalil, a YouTuber who works under the banner of The Completionist channel.

The guest returns, among others, on what marked him in this historic license of video games and evokes his evolution, its novelties such as simultaneous multiplayer or The characteristics of Sonic The Hedgehog that are close to his heart. And to add even more nostalgia to it all, Jirard Khalil takes the controller a few minutes to once again cross the iconic Green Hill Zone Act stage. 1.

At the moment, we do not know the release frequency of episodes of this documentary series. However, SEGA assures that new episodes will continue to appear in the coming weeks on the official Sonic channel.