[HOT] : Sonic Colors Ultimate: Brilliant New Details Announced, Including 60 FPS and 4K

A month ago, Sonic Colors: Ultimate lets appear some clues about the novelties embedded in this brand new version in the pages of Famitsu. Today, a much more telling trailer lifts the veil on certain points!

Like Sonic, time flies and brings us closer and closer to the release of this remaster! Before everyone takes the scampering off to go on vacation, SEGA has just published a trailer which gives us precise details on the new features introduced in Sonic Colors: Ultimate.

First of all, remaster obliges: the game benefits from a hell of a polish compared to its previous version on Wii. For this new version, the teams have been stocking up on visual improvements, including 4K, 60 FPS and better lighting effects.

On the functionality side, the trailer lingers for a few seconds to show us a rendering of the mode Rival Rush, a kind of time trial mode where you face Metal Sonic in a whole bunch of levels in order to unlock rewards.

Speaking of rewards: you can collect park tokens throughout the levels, Park Tokens, to be used in stores to unlock unique upgrades and other cosmetics such as auras, shoes and gloves to customize Sonic to your liking.

The Sonic Colors remaster does not just content with simple graphic smoothing but also offers two new features, namely the Jade Ghost and the Tails Save.

The first is a power that swaps the blue hedgehog’s supersonic speed to allow it to levitate and become immaterial, and thus pass through certain walls or solid structures to take secret passages.

The second power, the one conferred by Tails, is a kind of checkpoint. During the adventure, you will be able to come across an item bearing the image of the latter which will offer you a second chance in case of going off the track or missed looping.

Another useful power, celui du 100 Count Ring. Literally it’s a power bestowed on Sonic as soon as the latter gathers 100 rings and which allows him to become invincible for a certain period of time, while bosstant the score.

For those who wish, orders are fully customizable and, for the most music lovers, music which constitute the soundtrack of the game have been completely remixed for the occasion.