[HOT] : Tetris Effect Connected: the release on PS4, PC and Oculus Quest slightly postponed

Before we learn more about Humanity or any other project involving all of our senses, Enhance must already spread the word of its multiplayer Tetris Effect for good on new media. It should have been this month. Finally, we will still have to wait.

Tetris Effect will finally arrive on August 18 on PS4, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) and Oculus Quest. Available since last November on Xbox platforms, this version including a full multiplayer experience is still given a little time after the Beta ended a little while ago.

Tetris Effect: Connected arrives on Steam on August 18 with a 25% introductory discount and bonuses! The free update will also be released on PS4, Xbox / Win10, Epic Games, and Quest on the same day!

Offering a new Spectator mode, Pal Speed ​​Mode and Slow Speed ​​Mode options, Tetris Effect Connected will also allow cross-platform play between all media. The Oculus Quest 2 will take advantage of new graphics options to increase resolution and remote playback will be available on PS4. Finally, on Steam, the bonuses will rain for the launch, for 2 weeks, with 7 themes, 7 songs from the soundtrack and 11 wallpapers in 4K.