[HOT] : The RTX 3000 Super would arrive in January 2022, the RTX 4000 in October 2022.

The release of the next graphics cards from Nvidia is becoming clearer. According to several sources, the RTX 3000 Super are scheduled for January 2022, while the next generation, the Geforce RTX 4000, will be launched in October 2022. AMD and Intel are also not left out, since all would also unveil their new CPUs. in the first half of next year.

In unveiling its roadmap for the next few years, Nvidia was careful not to give details concerning the release date of its future graphics cards. However, there is no shortage of projects. New RTX 3000 Ti, RTX 3000 Super, and RTX 4000, the manufacturer has his work cut out for him. And for the moment remains very silent with regard to them. But that’s without counting the leakers who provide us with a lot of information before the hour.

Greymon55 on Twitter and RedGamingTech on YouTube both disclosed the future of Nvidia graphics cards, starting with the RTX 3000 Super. These would be planned for “the beginning of next year”, announces the first, speaking in particular of versions for laptops. The second, for its part, table for an official presentation at CES 2022. It is not known if the latter concerns the laptop, desktop or both versions. This launch window seems quite likely, given that Nvidia has been working on its RTX 3090 for some time now.

[HOT] : The RTX 3000 Super would arrive in January 2022, the RTX 4000 in October 2022


First unexpected, the RTX 3000 Super will therefore arrive much later than the RTX 2000 Super, which appeared 11 months after the release of the original models. However, it is better not to expect a full range. Indeed, according to other leaks, their launch would only occur 9 months before RTX 4000, the new generation of Nvidia GPUs, leaving little time for the latter to really develop its offer. Greymon55 explains that next-gen graphics cards will arrive in October 2022, but specifies that he is not necessarily talking about the RTX 4000.

For its part, AMD is not standing idly by. The manufacturer should soon unveil its processors Ryzen 3D V-Cache. Its graphics cards will also be entitled to an upgrade, with an improvement of the RDNA2 architecture. Finally, Intel will also be in the race with brand new CPUs, the Arc Alchemist. Suffice to say that the market will be saturated with novelties. It remains to be seen whether all these proposals will be on par with the RTX 4090, which already promises to be twice as powerful as the RTX 3090.

[HOT] : The RTX 3000 Super would arrive in January 2022, the RTX 4000 in October 2022