[HOT] : “The White Lotus” on OCS, postcard from Hawaiian hell

Named after the luxurious Hawaiian hotel that serves as its backdrop, The White Lotus shakes the small screen with an original blend of drama and caustic humor. Critics hail a dreadfully clever miniseries. To see in France on OCS, since July 12.

Newly married Shane (Jake Lacy) is upset. The large suite at the White Lotus Hotel in which he will spend his honeymoon – with views of the ocean and the beaches of an island in Hawaii – is not exactly the one his mother reserved for him, after a virtual tour of the place. While trying to find out how to most effectively complain to manager Armond (Murray Bartlett), a hotel employee is giving birth at her workplace because she didn’t dare take a day off.

Cocktails, scuba diving and social tensions

In The White Lotus, currently being broadcast on HBO in the United States and on OCS in France, at the rate of one episode per week, many twists and turns are a laughing stock. Nevertheless, notes the Guardian, “The glaring socio-economic disparities existing between those who work in a luxury hotel and those who have the means to stay there create an inevitable tension that all possible niceties cannot completely hide”.

The first scene announces the color: during the week in which the plot takes place (in six episodes), a murder has been committed. On the other hand, the spectator is not warned either of the culprit or even of the victim. But as one follows the adventures of wealthy patrons and staff, the day’s sums up, “poolside cocktail tastings and scuba lessons quickly give way to tough discussions about race, consent and privileges, where no one is spared, not even the public ”.

An unclassifiable series, and so much the better

We find in this series accents of modernized Hercule Poirot (not so much for the murder committed in a resort popular with the aristocracy as for the exploration of the latter’s relations with his servants). But it is impossible to speak of a detective series, nor of


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