[HOT] : US hit by powerful earthquake, rocks crash into highway

A 6.0 magnitude earthquake and dozens of aftershocks hit the California-Nevada border area. It would be the largest in the region for 20 years. Tremors were felt hundreds of kilometers away.

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake rocked the California-Nevada border Thursday afternoon, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS) which reassessed its power to 6.0.

Update on the M 6.0 #earthquake that occurred at 3:29 pm Pacific Time July 8, in Antelope Valley, California, near the Nevada border. #califearthquake You can find up-to-date details about the earthquake here: https://t.co/IyS3vjRVSC https://t.co/fZqR86ADVO

— USGS Earthquakes (@USGS_Quakes) July 9, 2021

The earthquake triggered a landslide in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Within two hours, more than 50 aftershocks with a magnitude between 2.5 and 4.6 were reported.

USGS told CBS Sacramento that the quake was “the result of normal faults in the shallow crust of the North American Plate,” saying there is a small chance it heralds a larger quake. .

Whoa! Check out this video of a rockslide in Mono County after several earthquakes were reported in Northern California.

See more >> https://t.co/aCYGAf44Iz pic.twitter.com/nVGFS96HRo

— kcranews (@kcranews) July 9, 2021

Cars hit by rocks, but no injuries

The earth shook along the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada. Witnesses claim to have felt tremors in much of Northern California, even in San Francisco, a few hundred kilometers away.

The California Highway Patrol announced the brief closure of a highway on which several cars were struck by fallen rocks, saying no one was injured.

Earthquake hit us on I395 near Coleville, CA! Boulders all over the road! #earthquake #California #roadtrip @ABC pic.twitter.com/ZoTxLnC6r8

— Brett Durrant (@brettdurrant) July 9, 2021

According to USA today, at the regional level, this earthquake is the most important for almost 20 years.