[HOT] : Xbox Series games come to Xbox One thanks to xCloud

Microsoft announces that an Xbox One will be able to run Xbox Series exclusive games like Flight Simulator. This strategy is unprecedented and questions the future of next-gen consoles.

Sony wants to sell consoles, Microsoft wants to sell services. In a press release published at the end of its conference at E3, spotted by The Verge, Microsoft announces to expand its xCloud cloud-gaming service to Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles. This means that, in the near future, an Xbox One will be able to launch a next-gen game in streaming. The millions of owners of Microsoft’s previous console have almost no reason to upgrade to the Xbox Series!

XCloud everywhere

In its press release, Microsoft takes the example of Flight Simulator, a game initially reserved for PCs and soon to be deployed on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Thanks to the cloud, the Xbox One released over the past 10 years should be able to play it. . The lifespan of old-gen Microsoft consoles will therefore be extended.

The only unknown: when will the xCloud be deployed on Xbox One and Series? Microsoft wants to deploy its service everywhere (including on connected televisions) but does not say when the consoles will be served. Computers, via their browser, are the next targets.

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