[HOT] : Young graduates, target the IT sector and Ile-de-France to find a job

According to a LinkedIn survey, the IT and business services sectors are the main sources of employment for young graduates. Geographically, it is in the Paris region that they are most likely to find a job.

The issue of youth employment has often returned to the center of debates for eighteen months and the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. In a tense economic context, these unfortunately constitute an adjustment variable in many companies. This is why the State continues to mobilize in their favor through communications or dedicated devices, such as “a young person, a solution”.

Telework is also progressing on this target

Today, if the situation remains precarious, career opportunities are available to beginners. The professional social network LinkedIn took an interest in the employment of young graduates. Through its first barometer, its teams analyzed the 22 million federated members in France to identify the most promising sectors, positions and regions for junior profiles.

The IT sector, and the digital sector as a whole, is thus the one that offers the most opportunities, ahead of business services and the manufacturing industry. In the top 10, we also find finance, consumer goods, health, retail, construction, real estate as well as media and communication.

“Young graduates must adjust their research”

At the business level, those of payroll managers and accounting assistants recorded the strongest growth, followed by those of developer, maintenance technician or salesperson. Finally, geographically, despite its disaffection, Ile-de-France remains the region most favorable to young graduates. Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and New Aquitaine completed the podium. It should be noted that teleworking is also progressing among juniors. Remote work thus appears in 4% of advertisements requiring little experience compared to 0.3% a year ago.

“Faced with a very competitive job market, young graduates must adjust their job search to target the regions which are recruiting and the skills most in demand. Companies invest in talents who also have interpersonal skills in addition to technical skills and who are able to learn and adapt quickly ”, comments Sandrine Chauvin, Managing Editor at LinkedIn News.