U&I Entertainment Y Meridiem Games announce that the acclaimed and renowned Hotline Miami, will arrive in a physical edition called “Collection” on July 16 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch with a recommended price of € 34.99.

Hotline Miami Collection contains the two legendary games from the neon-lit and brutally challenging Hotline Miami series from Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital. Now you can have both games on 2 discs (PS4) or game cartridge (Switch). Both versions include an exclusive 30+ page illustration book with a reversible cover.

Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is a fast-paced action game packed with extreme brutality, merciless shooting and close combat. Set in the Miami of 1989, you put yourself in the shoes of a mysterious antihero obsessed with a bloody revenge against the ruthless underworld following the orders of the messages you receive on the answering machine. Soon you will find yourself trying to make sense of what is happening around you and why you are so passionate about this violent attitude.

Rely on your wits to choreograph your way through seemingly impossible situations while constantly finding yourself outnumbered by fierce enemies. The action is relentless and every shot is deadly, so every move must be swift and decisive if you hope to survive and uncover the sinister forces driving the bloodshed.

These are some of its main features:

  • Enjoy savagery. Fast-paced shootings in bloodstained neon corridors. Wield 35 different weapons, from shotguns and assault rifles to katanas and lead pipes, everything is at your disposal.
  • Surreal and gritty plot. Set in an alternative Miami in 1989. You will take on the role of a mysterious antihero in a murderous rampage against the grim underworld at the behest of the voices on your answering machine.
  • Distinctive style. Hotline Miami’s unmistakable visual style, driving soundtrack, and surreal chain of events will have you questioning your own bloodlust as they push you to the limit with a brutally relentless challenge.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

It is the brutal conclusion of the Hotline Miami saga that takes place in the heat of the escalation of violence and revenge for the blood spilled in the original game. Follow the path of different factions, each with their own questionable methods and uncertain motivations. As unexpected consequences intermingle and reality, again, fades into a brilliant haze of neon and blood.

The bloody combat against severe opposition will require intense concentration to master variables, weapons and innovative methods of execution as the fight unfolds. Be captivated by the striking colors of an unmistakable graphic style. While you annihilate anyone who stands in your way to reveal the meaning of the massacre. It is the final stop, the undisputed end.

These are some of its main characteristics:

  • Endless hostilities. Adjust your combat techniques to changing narrative between factions and familiarize yourself with unique variations using new weapons and more moves and melee attacks.
  • A fascinating soundtrack. More than forty powerful songs by dozens of artists set the scene for the savage conflict and highlight the dimension of your actions. New artists join already classic favorites like M | O | O | N, Perturbator, Jasper Byrne, Scattle and El Huervo to bring you an incredible sonic slaughter.