How are grenades used in Valorant?

Valorant online multiplayer strategy game is full of intense gameplay and hilarious reviews. With the argument of uniting with other players on the battlefield, learning and improving the skill is vital for success. Here are some tricks to help new players get the most out of the range of their grenades.

using flashbang

A flashbang is a very useful grenade for knocking enemies out of position. When players descend, the flare blinds them for a few seconds. This allows players to move faster and turn the situation in their favor.

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Using Fog Grenades

Fog Grenades are a very useful tool to confuse the enemy team. These grenades cover a specific area with a dense fog, preventing enemy players from seeing through it. This usually gives players the opportunity to move to a safer battlefield or take the enemy team by surprise.

Using Flash Grenades

Flash grenades are also extremely useful. These grenades are known to create a blinding flash upon impact with the ground. This temporarily blinds nearby enemies, making them vulnerable to team attacks.

using sounds

Players can also use grenades in Valorant to silence an area. This can be accomplished by throwing a sound grenade at a certain area of ​​the battlefield. After this, the enemy cannot hear the sound of your movement or shot, allowing them to move and attack with ease.

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Use these cheats to improve your game!

  • Throw a flare near the enemy position to blind them
  • Use fog grenades to cover a certain area to prevent enemy advance
  • Use a flash grenade to blind nearby enemies and immediately take advantage
  • Use sound grenades to silence an area with nearby enemies

Players using these tactics and cheats can quickly get rid of enemies and hopefully win the match. Besides this, skill upgrading is also an essential part of any successful game. So never stop practicing and improving your skills! Make sure you use all your grenades wisely in Valorant!

How are grenades used in Valorant?

In the Valorant video game, grenades are one of the most powerful tools available to players, and learning how to use them correctly can be the difference between victory and defeat. The grenade is a staple for success in Valorant, as players can use them to disperse obstacles, blow up targets, and open pathways.

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Tricks to use grenades

Here are some tricks to improve your grenade technique to help you get more wins:

  • disruptor grenades– Make extended use of shouts, eg Blinde and Shock grenades. These grenades are useful for breaking frames and disabling your enemies.
  • flash grenades– Learn how to use these grenades to strategize, decrease the visibility of enemies, and block their crosshairs.
  • smoke grenades: Use these grenades to untangle sticky situations and avoid attacks without seeing the enemy.


Let’s consider a typical scenario in Valorant. In the warehouse there are two enemies guarding a hideout located at the top of the room. If you decide to attack, skip the two flash grenades to disable your enemies. While enemies are disabled, throw a smoke grenade at them to prevent a melee fight.

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– Try to practice with grenades before going into a live battle, so that you are prepared to use the weapon correctly.
– Study the kicks of your enemies to anticipate their next moves.
– Use disruptor grenades to disrupt and disable your enemies with a simple strategy.
– Study the location of your teammates before throwing a grenade.
– Fire a flash grenade when your enemies are close, to block their crosshairs.

With the correct use of grenades, your ability with Valorant will improve and improve your tactical skills. Try different types of grenades and combine them to create spectacular plays. We hope to see you win soon!

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