How can a VPN protect data “online”?.

We live using the internet for everything in our lives. From communicating to checking the bank account or making an online purchase. The truth is that there is too much information that circulates on the network and that we handle on a daily basis. This has the direct consequence that, if we do not apply certain methods, our online data is unprotected. The good thing is that there are specific methods to help us protect them if you know well what a VPN is and what benefits it can bring you.

What is a VPN?

If you are wondering what a VPN is, its acronym in Spanish tells us about a virtual private network. By using one of them to connect to the Internet, what you will be doing is encrypting the information and masking the IP address of your connection. Thanks to this, all the data that is transferred during your browsing will be in a private and secure environment, protected from any type of attack.

How can a VPN protect data “online”?

Perhaps you have heard the case of someone who had their bank or card details stolen to make purchases on their behalf. Or that someone in your environment has suffered identity theft. Be that as it may, the VPN is an environment that will help to avoid all these actions and will also give you other extra advantages.

Benefits of using a VPN to protect your data

Thanks to all its features and knowing what a VPN is, you can take advantage of all of it to protect your data. Among these advantages are:

How can a VPN protect data “online”?

Prevent them from knowing your location

Through the IP address, it is possible to know perfectly from where a person is connecting. However, if when you connect to the internet, you do it with a VPN, the IP address that is going to be shown is not the real one. What is done is camouflage it so that they do not know your location, one of the most sensitive data of all.

This is possible since you connect to different servers offered by the VPN.

How can a VPN protect data “online”?

Intuitive and very easy use

Using a VPN is very simple and easy to do. You do not require great technical or advanced knowledge for it. What you will have to do is select the server you want to connect to, that is, from the country you want your connection to appear and that’s it. And if choosing the server is not important to you, you can leave it automatically and simply hit the connect button.

This method is valid for both desktop devices and mobile phones with iOS and Android.

How can a VPN protect data “online”?

Protect your searches and information

Even if it’s not important to you to disguise the location you’re connecting from, one of the most important things about a VPN is that it gives you an extra layer of security. This is possible since what it does is encrypt the information so that no one can access it. The only ones who could see your data online would be the company that manages the VPN.

The browser will not know that it is you and therefore your searches or the information you use during that connection time will not be tracked.

Extra security in public connections

One of the problems with connecting to a public Wi-Fi network is that it is very easy to access your information. If you have to connect to a network with these characteristics, to protect your data much more, it is necessary that you do so through a VPN. Thus, you will avoid all the risks that arise by being sure that your data will be encrypted.

How can a VPN protect data “online”?

Other benefits of using a VPN

The use of VPN goes beyond data protection. By being able to choose the country of the server to which you are going to connect, it allows you to avoid the restrictions or blocks that exist in certain content. For example, if there are some Youtube videos that cannot be seen in your country or you want to access the Netflix catalog in the United States, you can do so by using a trusted VPN.

Another of its essential features is that it improves connection speed. Sometimes, the Internet provider companies limit the speed in certain periods of time during the day. If you make your connection through a VPN, this will not happen since the system prevents the provider’s limitation method from taking effect in your connection, since you will be browsing through the virtual private network.